Our Social Responsibility

As a lifestyle brand, we want our kinky community to live authentic lives without fear or judgment. By providing a safe, sane and consensual (SSC) home for self-expression, sharing and connecting, we believe that our product makes a difference to the lives of its members.

But, with great kink comes great responsibility. We care deeply about the community we serve, which also inspires us to support issues that impact the daily lives of our users, too.

From highlighting key community issues, promoting education, to how we look after our employees and the environmental impact of how we operate, read on to find out what we do.

Breaking Taboos with the BDSM Training School

As a diverse and inclusive community, we want to build an active and cooperative learning environment so that everyone can control their kinky evolution. Launched in December 2020, our online learning portal, the BDSM Training School aims to do just that. Led by vetted and experienced non-risk BDSM instructors, the school's purpose is to deliver a supportive, high-quality learning experience for students of any level to gain specialised knowledge and best practices in BDSM.

From the kink-curious who wish to learn more about the lifestyle to insiders who embrace the kink and fetish world every day, by incorporating and promoting SSC/RACK/PRICK values across all our content, everyone has the opportunity to discover and learn more about the BDSM and fetish lifestyles.

Whether it's learning the ropes, mastering advanced kink techniques or understanding more about BDSM roles and archetypes, we actively support and encourage users to learn from each other via the BDSM Training School, in our BDSM Forum and live chat rooms.

Additionally, in our Fetish Magazine, you'll find tons of educational materials like beginner's guides, how-to's and a BDSM advice column all written by experienced authors and bloggers from the kink scene - get answers to all your kinky questions whatever the experience level.

Safety First Always #SSC

WE ARE GDPR COMPLIANT, i.e. since 2018 we’ve been working hard on fulfilling all the legal and technical requirements of one of the strictest privacy regulations in the world - the European GDPR. Data privacy is a must nowadays more than ever, especially in a community like ours. We’re here to demystify fetishes and alternative lifestyles, however, everyone gets to decide if, how and when they want to go public/open up! It’s the same as everything else here; this is a safe place to remain anonymous and live your kinks in a discreet way as long as you respect the three basic principles: keep it Safe, Sane and Consensual!

In case someone in the community breaks these essential rules of coexistence, we will take action to serve the following purposes:
  • - Suicide prevention
  • - Child protection
  • - Fighting against human trafficking
  • - Defying domestic violence (not to be confused with SSC/RACK/PRICK BDSM practices)
  • - Rejecting acts of bestiality
  • - Flagging any terrorist threat

We approach and develop close relationships with law enforcement authorities, with connections made in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and the UK.

In this case, our community reports criminal acts in other countries we connect with the German FBI (Bundeskriminalamt) and they connect with the authorities of the actual country.

  • - Call the police or check www.hilfetelefon.de (available in English, 24/7, 365)
  • - Call a Chat-Op if available in the live chat - they have an emergency number to trigger our security protocol.
  • - If you’re ready to be a witness, send a ticket to our Support Team and we’ll follow up on the case for you.

Fighting Climate Change #ProjectGreen

As a family-owned business with our team spread across three countries in two continents, we’ve established sustainability as part of our corporate culture and support green initiatives to help us be sustainable and offset our carbon footprint.

In our Barcelona and Berlin offices, this is what we do:
  • - we avoid the use of plastics
  • - we separate all our waste
  • - we use recycled (toilet) paper
  • - we eat organic food and have reduced the consumption of meat
  • - we do not use disposable items e.g. coffee mugs, plates, cutlery or coffee capsules
  • - we use green cleaning agents

    • Our Barcelona office is powered by SOM Energia, which is a non-profit renewable energy cooperative committed to achieving a 100% renewable energy model from renewable sources such as sun & wind.

      In our Berlin office, our support staff participate in small voluntary events on the subject of sustainability every quarter, such as garbage collection and Fridays for Future. Participation is voluntary, and many happily take part.

      Another way we strive for sustainability is by a collaboration with Atmosfair, a German non-profit that helps us offset our emissions by making donations for every flight taken by staff. In 2019, we've donated over 500euros to Atmosfair, and our internal policy is to justify all necessary business flights.

      Supporting Charity #SharingIsCaring

      Since our launch in February 2017, we've celebrated initiatives such as International Women's Day, and LGBTQ Pride among other community-related observances.

For the first time in 2019, we supported Movember for November Men's Health Month and donating the proceeds of membership upgrades to this very worthy cause.

As we grow, we aim to expand our charitable giving initiatives and collaborate with other non-profits in giving back to causes that our community cares about.

      Last updated: Jan 2021