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Massage has many purposes and uses from medical to relaxation. It's a technique that has been used throughout the ages to make people feel better. Tantric massage is incredibly sensual and is used to make the whole body feel good. Tantric massage includes yoni (vulva) and Lingam (penis) massage for sexual pleasure but without a focus on orgasms. There is a connection in tantra between the giver and the receiver, which is very intimate. It is a sexual practice that can be given with a great level of expertise but is something you can do without any previous experience at all. Want to spoil a partner or feel you need some pampering? Tantric massage could be just the thing you need.
Warm and intimate, cuddles really do make everything better. They're also great before or after sex or even during. They show how much you want to be with the other person and enjoy being so close to them. Many face to face sex positions incorporate cuddling as it offers lots of skin on skin touching, bringing a greater intimacy to love making. Cuddles aren't just all about soppy romance either. They are a wonderful way to get close to your partner, show intimacy and cuddles that turn into sex are definitely the best ones ever!
Hair pulling is one of those actions that can be highly irritating. Anyone who accidentally traps a strand of hair in a bobble and pulls will know how unpleasant it can be. However, during the heat of the moment it can be extremely sexy. An act that can show both dominance and passion, hair pulling can work both ways, Dominant and submissives can both enjoy it as part of primal, sexual play after all it’s called rough and tumble for a reason, right? Tugging and pulling on hair is all fun and games but make sure it’s all completely consensual.

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If you love summer not only for the sunshine and long days, but for the prevalence of crop tops and bikinis - then you might just have a belly button fetish. It’s more than a simple appreciation for the dip or bump in the centre of the stomach where the umbilical cord was attached until removed at birth. Belly buttons are an erogenous zone, often under appreciated and missed out, but just looking at them gets some people going. If you go wild for belly buttons, join other belly button lovers here and share your appreciation with others who get the sexual appeal of a cute belly button.
Breast feeding is most usually connected with child birth and mother’s feeding their new borns. However, breast feeding can be indulged in by consenting adults for sexual excitement and bonding purposes. Lactation fetish can refer to a person who wants to suckle breast milk as well as someone who likes to do the breast feeding. Most commonly it’s men who have the desire to breastfeed but it can appeal to people of all genders too. As there isn’t necessarily a need for a person to be lactating for lactation play to happen, it is a fetish anyone can indulge in.
Tickling is something people tend to either love or hate. If you get turned on by tickling well then you might just have a tickle fetish. If you’re turned on by tickling someone else, then you might have a tickle fetish. Sexual arousal from tickling is often connected to Dominance and submission. When you give in to someone tickling you, you lose all control. And we all know that BDSM is all about who is in control and who is losing it. BDSM isn’t all dark, serious and brooding, it can be fun and joyful too and tickle torture is all about finding the fun in fetish.

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Designed to help pregnant women have more comfortable sex; sex stools have since been adopted by all kinds of people to enjoy accessible sex. A great piece of kit to add variety to your sex life, a sex stool can be used to take the weight off bad backs and dodgy knees and make sex more accessible for those with disabilities. They can be used for kinky purposes, too. It could make the perfect queening stool, for example. And if you keep your sub restrained, you can keep the goodies (you) just out of reach. Tantalizingly sexy.
It might not be quite the same magic wand that Glinda the Good Witch uses, but wand massagers can bring some out of this world amazing orgasms that'll make you feel like you're a miracle-making good witch yourself! Wand massagers were created as a way to ease aching muscles, but everyone knows their vibrations lead to the most amazing orgasms, especially for people with vulvas. Still, there are ways for penis owners to enjoy them too! Wand massagers now are being made purely for masturbation, so it's easy to find the one best for you.
Prostate massagers were originally a medical invention for the relief of many prostate problems, and they have been developed and adapted to give men strong internal orgasms by stimulating the prostate. Known as P-spot or Male G-spot these orgasms are incredibly intense and something many men enjoy. It is difficult to reach the spot with a finger, yours or even a partner’s and that is where a prostate massager comes in. With lots of lube and maybe a bit of practice, using a prostate massager to gently stimulate the prostate can produce intense orgasms that nothing else can replicate.

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Castration play is not for everyone and definitely sits at the more extreme end of the fetish scale! It might only be 'play' within a BDSM context, but it involves plenty of risk for the person whose testicles are being restricted. It may be that you want to take your pony play to a whole new level or perhaps you're just a slave who wants to concentrate on nothing but your Dominant's pleasure and to do so you want to remove your libido. Castration play is all about intense fantasies and extreme pain.
A predicament leaves you with hard choices. No matter what you do, it's going to be painful. That's the heart of all predicament bondage. It puts the bottom or submissive/s in the scene in positions where to get relief from one pain; they have to submit to another. They may even have to choose to inflict pain on someone else to get relief for themselves. It's an intense form of power exchange which takes bondage from just restraint into areas of sadism and mind-fuckery. Sadists and masochist, Dominants and submissives as well as riggers and their bunnies find a lot of fun in this particular edge play activity.
BDSM, in general, is seen as being extreme in comparison to vanilla sex, but there are a variety of different kinds of play within BDSM. Those of an edgier nature are grouped as edgeplay. Many activities come under this particular umbrella term, and everyone will have their own opinions of what is edgeplay. From knife play to abandonment play, breath play to mind control, barebacking to predicament bondage as well as many, many more. There are lots of ways to play on the edge, and everyone has their boundaries. Do you enjoy playing on the edge?

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Sissy is a very powerful word. It can be used as an insult but some people seek it out. These people are often male submissives who want their Dominant, often a Mistress or Domme to feminize them. It’s sometimes referred to as forced’ feminization but the act is completely consensual. If the person being sissified wasn’t happy at any time they could get the process stopped. Sissification is often linked with humiliation, domination and orgasm denial. It can be something that you do on your own for your own satisfaction too, you don’t need a Dom to have fun with sissification. Cover image: lust4lthr via via Flickr.com CC BY 2.0 license
Humiliation can really get the motor running, especially for those who love a bit of D/s in the bedroom and other places. A specific type of humiliation enjoyed by mostly men is small penis humiliation (or SPH). It makes the person feel awkward and uncomfortable and that can really be a big ol’ turn on. It’s not something you can really do solo, you need someone to humiliate you. To make you feel you’re your cock really just isn’t going to measure up at all. If this sparks your interest, read on and maybe you’ll find your exacting mistress or master here on Fetish.com.
Orgasms are great, right? Sometimes though you just want to revel in the anticipation. When you purposefully keep yourself, or someone else from orgasming it’s called edging. A form of orgasm control, the practice keeps you on the very edge of coming. Sexual edging can be indulged in on your own or with a partner. It can be a way to enjoy stronger orgasms or can be a way to show power or control over a submissive partner in a D/s relationship or scene. If you really have fun enjoying the journey and not the destination, edging is definitely your fetish.

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Role play is a fun way to add a little spice to any relationship. You don’t need any special equipment all you need is your imagination and a couple of sexy roles to actually play. Handyman comes over to pretty girl’s house to fix something or other must be one of the most famous storylines in porn and it’s easy enough to replicate in real life. Wear overalls and carry a tool box or just improvise, there’s no one right way to play, just get handsy and have lots of fun fixing stuff that isn’t broken. No need to know your way round a u-bend for Handyman role play!
Animal play is also known as pet play and involves a submissive person taking on the role of a particular animal. Most of these roles are pets such as puppies, kittens and ponies but rarer animals can by imitated too. A dominant who looks after a person during animal play is known as an owner or a trainer. They may get their pet to accept treats from their hand, crawl on all fours or wear a lead for example. It all depends on what kind of animal their pet is.
You might not have heard of yiffing unless you’re part of the furry community. It’s a term for sexual activity. It can mean anything from porn or cybersex to real life fucking. It covers all kinds of sex and isn’t just one certain sex act but is all about furries getting it on. Doesn’t matter what sex they are or how many of them are engaged in play, yiff is the all-encompassing term for sexy fun times whilst in a furry persona. Or should that be purrrrrsona? We suppose it depends what kind of animal you are, really.

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Cuckolding is often viewed from the position of the cuckold, but that is only part of the equation. Every cuckolding group needs its bull. The sexually Dominant partner of the group, the bull can be any gender but is the one who's in charge of what's going on. Cuckold used to be an insult for a man who's wife had cheated on him - but no more! Cuckolding is a fun fetish which can have BDSM elements. Cuckolding is ideal for Dominants who enjoy group sex, and it can form a significant part of a polyamorous relationship. Who said that three's a crowd? They obviously haven't had any cuckolding fun!
CG/l stands for 'Caregiver / little', and is a gender-neutral catch-all term for many of the relationship dynamics found under a certain portion of the ageplay umbrella. Perhaps the most widely discussed of these dynamics is DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl), but all possible variations exist and identifying as a caregiver or a little is not bound by sexual orientation or gender identity! Some people enjoy incorporating the accoutrements of being 'little' into their play, such as pacifiers or colouring books or childlike clothing. Others simply enjoy the dynamic and fantasy, without wanting so much to express their littleness outwardly. CG/l sometimes comes alongside AB/DL, but there are significant differences between the two communities and the fetishes are not quite the same thing!
'Crossdressing' is a slightly archaic term these days, though some people - usually those who identify definitively with one binary gender but enjoy wearing the clothes of and playing the role of the other for social, sexual, personal or performative purposes - find it one they identify with more than any other. Drag kings and queens are often thought of as crossdressers, as are transvestites - though be very careful when describing someone as a transvestite, as while some crossdressing people self-identify that way it has been used as a slur often enough that it's a word best avoided unless you know someone likes it.

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Beach sex comes up time and again in a hundred films, and it's the subject of all manner of romantic scenes in books and other media. It's supposed to be the ultimate in sexy: hot, sweaty, romantic and picturesque. The trouble is that sand gets everywhere, beaches are generally public spaces and there are some parts of your body on which you really don't want sunburn! There are two main options: either frequent a beach that explicitly allows sex to take place, or wait till nightfall and find somewhere nice and secluded to hide out. Dealing with the sand afterwards is your own problem to figure out, of course...
So there are two main issues with sex in the water. One is that it tends to wash away a lot of the essential lubrication, meaning that things can get a little paradoxically dry down there - and the other is that water's natural buoyancy means it can be a bit more difficult than you might imagine getting everything in place. The trick is to bring some water-based lube in with you, anchor yourself on the side of the pool and keep experimenting till you find something that works for you and your partner! This is an experience well worth having, though it might take a little while to get it right.
Most people love a bit of outdoor fucking from time to time, but for some, it's a huge deal and a common feature in their fantasies. If this sounds like you, it's a good idea to pick your locations to have sex in the open wisely; quiet beaches and deserted woodlands are fantastic, but a family resort is probably not a particularly good idea! Make sure you're not in the line of any CCTV cameras, and you aren't about to fall into a patch of stinging nettles. Other than that, just so long as you're careful to attain the consent of any bystanders and you're not breaking any local laws, you're ready to go - and the experience can be a beautifully liberating one.

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If you say 'taser', an image of law enforcement officers jumps to mind. But there are tasers (also known as stun guns) made for and used for all kinds of kinky pleasure. Electro sex play is lots of fun, but some people don't like the feel of tens stimulation, or their skin is too sensitive to violet wands to enjoy that play. It's still possible to enjoy the thrill of zapping electric with the short bursts given by a taser. Just a couple of spots hitting the skin means the pain is intense but limited to a small area. A lot of the fun is in the fear play, and the anticipation of pain can be delightful in itself!
Bondage sleepsacks are not unlike sleeping bags, with one significant difference - they zip up to the neck. Sleepsacks are almost entirely restrictive, and you'll need assistance to get yourself into and out of them, which makes them a particular favourite of people whose tastes in bondage run to the immobilising. While your mouth is of course still free, the rest of you won't be, and this makes them a fantastic mind-fuck, and a great thing to experiment with if you like the idea of being restrained and restricted as much as possible. They're comfortable enough for extended use, and some fans love to spend the whole night in them!
Bondage comes in many forms, and shackling is one of the most iconic. Metal shackles are attached to the walls of many dungeons, playrooms and party spaces--and they can take a bit of a pounding, making them a great choice for keeping stronger and more feisty submissives under control! They can be used on the wrists or the ankles, and in some cases are suitable for extended periods of confinement--assuming, of course, you're communicating with the person you've got locked up all the time, and you know how they're doing. If you get a chance to try shackling, it can be well worth it for the aesthetic potential alone.

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Stockings are often associate with sexy outfits, in fact they are sexy even when you’re wearing nothing else. Some people find them endlessly fascinating. Fishnets or seamed, hold ups or not, stocking fetishists enjoy many aspects of stocking wearing. The look of stockings held up with a suspender belt under a short skirt for example is something that many people with a stocking fetish love. Some combine the love with other fetishes such as latex and rubber, because not all stockings are nylon. Whatever they’re made of though, someone is bound to appreciate them. Wearing or looking at someone else wearing stockings can be very sexually arousing.
Role play is a core part of BDSM and fetish for a lot of people, and what is role play without costumes? While you could think of the kind of fetish wear people often wear out to clubs and parties as a 'costume', that's not usually what people mean by the term; they're generally referring to a schoolgirl, secretary, pet play or other overtly fetishised outfit designed to help the wearer embody a particular role that is not quite their usual selves. Dressing up like this is a lot of fun, and can really help people get into the headspaces they're looking to explore.
There are thousands of ways to work masking into your kink. Gas masks, for example, are a relatively common fetish; the look and feel of wearing one is highly evocative, and they have a wonderful way of making you feel cut off from the outside world. Gimp and latex masks are iconic to many kinksters, and leather masks are a versatile go-to for all kinds of people in the BDSM community. Other prominent options are medical and animal masks, which each belong to its own fetish play. Masquerade ball styled events are pretty standard in BDSM clubs, and there's something sexy about the allure of a good mask in many contexts!

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Traditionally, the term 'gay' refers to people who identify as men who date, sleep with and love only other people who also identify as men. Over the years, however, more and more people on the LGBT+ spectrum came to identify with the term; people of many gender identities and sexual orientations sometimes use it to describe themselves now. The controversy surrounding gayness has mostly to do with the fact that cis gay men are seen and portrayed very differently to many other LGBT+ people - and often wind up as the recipients of a huge amount of the acceptance, understanding, attention and publicity afforded to this group as a whole.
"There's nowt as queer as folk" is an often-used phrase in the north of England and means there's nothing as strange as people. This term stems from the 16th-century usage of the word meaning 'odd, peculiar or eccentric.' Some people think of the word 'queer' as an insult given its use in the later 19th and early 20th century. From the 1980s however, the term was reclaimed by those who want to undermine that insult and use the name to show their rebellious, non-gendered approach to homosexuality. The queer community is vibrant and growing day by day.
A transgender person identifies as a different gender to the one assigned to them at birth and is often described as being 'born with the wrong bits'. Unlike cisgender people, a trans person's journey to having the body they want can be long and complex. Some like to label themselves as trans women to show the journey they are on. They experience gender euphoria when their presentation matches the gender they are. It can happen when people use she/her pronouns for a trans woman and respect their chosen names. All trans women are women regardless of surgeries or hormone replacement therapies.

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We're very aware of accents; they surround us. From those we recognise from other counties and states to those we know are from different countries entirely. Everyone has their favourites and those they can't stand, but some people don't just love accents, they lust after them too. Accent fetish is all about aural pleasure, who knew your ears were such an erogenous zone! Your voice can be such a turn on in itself and who doesn't enjoy a little dirty talk? It's all the better if you have an accent fetish, let your words enhance your kinky experiences.
It’s not just about jewellery, not even about rings in general, no, wedding ring fetish concentrates on that one (usually) gold band that sits on the ring finger of the left hand. It’s often an indication that the person wearing it is married. The original wedding rings originated in Ancient Egypt where the position of the ring on the 4th finger of the left hand was significant as they believed there was a vein there that connected directly to the heart. Where in the west, the ring was to denote the wedding dowry of a bride and spread throughout Europe from its pagan roots in ancient Rome and Greece.
Velvet is soft and sensual to the touch. Manufacturing it was a very complicated process before machinery, and it's still not so straightforward. These days velvet is made from all kinds of fabrics; silk velvet is the most expensive and often thought of as the softest and the best. The dense pile and the cut is what gives it that distinctive feel. It's a luxurious fabric that doesn't have to cost a fortune. Classy and sleek, velvet inspires a fetish as its touch is so sensual - no wonder it inspires sexual excitement in some people!

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No sooner does humanity make a new technological innovation than it starts trying to figure out how to use it for sex--and digital photography was no different. In this brave new world where the camera in your jeans pocket is better than any your great-grandparents could have imagined, amateur and erotic photography are practically ubiquitous. It can be an excellent way to explore fetishes, to share intimate moments with people you can't be physically near, and to store away naughty memories to stir you up when you revisit them later. It's worth giving some thought to who has access to your nude photographies and to where they end up. At the click of a button they can be broadcasted all over the world - so make sure you trust the people who are in charge of those buttons!
There's no denying that the internet has revolutionised porn. Where once you needed outside assistance if you wanted to get your homemade images and videos out there, now you can do it entirely alone - and there are plenty of people who find that they prefer seeking out and watching amateur porn to buying more polished and pricey professional examples of the genre. Anyone with a smartphone can release their own content, so if it interests you - what are you waiting for? Just remember: the internet remembers and stores things forever, and there's no way of guaranteeing that your friends and family won't come across what you publish there.
Lap dancing is usually thought of as being a pretty vanilla pursuit, but there are plenty of fetishists who enjoy it as much as anyone else! It can actually be a fantastic act of service from a submissive partner to their dominant, or a fun way to get everyone going at a kink club or a fetish party. Fetish wear adds a certain frisson to the experience, and heavy use of kneeling, bowing and other inherently submissive moves can really add something to the experience. Couples who try out a little lap dancing often say it turns out to be a surprisingly intimate experience - so why not give it a go?