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There’s so much you can do in virtual reality worlds these days as the technology has really come on. This includes the advent of VR sex. You get transported into a sexy scene with just the use of a VR headset and some VR compatible porn. You can experience being part of the hot action instead of being stuck watching 2D porn you can experience it as if you’re really there. Whatever really turns you on, you can enjoy it up close and personal just by using a headset and well, your own hand. A fun, safe way to experience new kinks and fetishes too.
Warm and intimate, cuddles really do make everything better. They're also great before or after sex or even during. They show how much you want to be with the other person and enjoy being so close to them. Many face to face sex positions incorporate cuddling as it offers lots of skin on skin touching, bringing a greater intimacy to love making. Cuddles aren't just all about soppy romance either. They are a wonderful way to get close to your partner, show intimacy and cuddles that turn into sex are definitely the best ones ever!
Hair pulling is one of those actions that can be highly irritating. Anyone who accidentally traps a strand of hair in a bobble and pulls will know how unpleasant it can be. However, during the heat of the moment it can be extremely sexy. An act that can show both dominance and passion, hair pulling can work both ways, Dominant and submissives can both enjoy it as part of primal, sexual play after all it’s called rough and tumble for a reason, right? Tugging and pulling on hair is all fun and games but make sure it’s all completely consensual.

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Penises come in all shapes and sizes, but some are classed as being 'micropenises' - meaning that they're one inch or less in length when fully erect, though some people with this condition cannot achieve erection at all. It's relatively rare and has many causes, but those affected generally find the psychological effect to be the most serious. The good news is that it needn't unduly dictate someone's sex life; there are plenty of things you can do with a partner no matter what you're able or comfortable to do with your penis, some with a micropenis enjoy humiliation as a fetish. The right person will be someone who is understanding and accepting and very willing to explore alternatives that help you both.
Sensation comes in many forms, and for many people, there's something uniquely sensual about the feeling of licking or being licked. Obvious choices are of course the main erogenous zones - nipples, genitals and earlobes are all popular options - but there are ways to include the tongue in the fun with almost any body part. Licking someone's skin and gently blowing over it can be surprisingly intense, and there's something blissfully intimate about the entire process. For the foot fetishists out there, feet licking is an exciting experience for both partners, and armpit licking can be applied to your kinky BDSM play.
The nipples are an erogenous zone for people with all kinds of bodies, and many find that they're uniquely sensitive to stimulation. People with breasts tend to find that their nipples are more sensitive than those of people without, but this is by no means a reliable or universal guideline. Pleasure, pain and even bondage can all use the nipples; they're a great site for pinwheels, clamps, pegs, wax, caressing, licking, stroking, touching, kissing, biting and more. Dominant types often enjoy nipple stimulation just as much as their submissive counterparts, though for obvious reasons they're less likely to be interested in the more painful and intense end of the spectrum. Try some things out and don't be afraid to experiment!

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Prostate massagers were originally a medical invention for the relief of many prostate problems, and they have been developed and adapted to give men strong internal orgasms by stimulating the prostate. Known as P-spot or Male G-spot these orgasms are incredibly intense and something many men enjoy. It is difficult to reach the spot with a finger, yours or even a partner’s and that is where a prostate massager comes in. With lots of lube and maybe a bit of practice, using a prostate massager to gently stimulate the prostate can produce intense orgasms that nothing else can replicate.
Patented in 1998 as a ‘device for discreet sperm collection’ the fleshlight has quickly become a favourite masturbation aid for men. It looks similar to a flashlight (hence the name) from the outside and so can be stored discreetly without much effort. Inside there is a textured, medical grade silicone shaped as either a vulva, anus or mouth. Easy to use, this masturbation tool simulates sex and carries none of the risks that sex actually does. It is a step up from masturbating with just a hand and gives variety to a much enjoyed leisure activity that, let’s face it, everyone likes to indulge in!
Penis pumps were invented in the early 1900s to treat erectile dysfunction, the clitoral pump derives from this device. It is a sex toy used to encourage blood flow to the clitoris and/or the labia which therefore heightens sexual pleasure. In kink, a clit pump can be used by a Dominant on a restrained submissive to heighten sensation and help with orgasm torture. It is often used in conjunction with a nipple pump. It is believed that with regular use a clit pump can help women who experience trouble orgasming to reach climax as it promotes blood flow to the genitals.

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For some, it's important to find ways to represent their social and emotional relationships as an inherent part of their physical form. This can be a key part in a BDSM dynamic, and for a certain kind of submissive - usually one who is highly masochistic - there's an irresistible appeal to being branded. Branding a human is much like branding an animal: a piece of sterilised metal is held in a fire till it's glowing hot, and then placed quickly onto the skin to leave a permanent scar. Many of these scars are intricate and beautiful, just like tattoos. Our one word of caution is this: don't take branding lightly, and only ever experiment with it in the company of someone who has training, experience and preferably some kind of qualification. It can be highly dangerous, and it isn't something to go into without forethought and planning. Image: Michael Hemmingsson. Flickr Creative Commons license.
There are a few different kinks that often incorporate trampling. People into feedism often enjoy being squashed, trampled or sat on by much larger partners, for example, though the more common iteration of the fetish involves a masochist who is into femme dommes and enjoys the idea of being walked over by someone who has taken control - often while they're wearing spike heels. If you'd like to experiment with this it's important to bear in mind that professionals know exactly how to trample safely, and that even the most hardcore of pros usually aren't actually putting their entire weight on their 'victim's' back. Make sure you do your research and always play safely!
There's a lot to be said for slow, sensual sex, of course, and romance certainly has its place - but sometimes you just want to get down and dirty with someone who's as rough as you are. Rough sex isn't always kinky, it could be just a rough kiss, but for many BDSM fans, it forms a vital part of their sexual lives and relationships. The beauty of it is that it usually doesn't need a lot of planning or equipment; you can rough your enthusiastic partners up pretty much anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Just remember to play with a safeword, as people don't need whips and chains to reach their limits or realise that they need to call for a time out.

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Sissy is a very powerful word. It can be used as an insult but some people seek it out. These people are often male submissives who want their Dominant, often a Mistress or Domme to feminize them. It’s sometimes referred to as forced’ feminization but the act is completely consensual. If the person being sissified wasn’t happy at any time they could get the process stopped. Sissification is often linked with humiliation, domination and orgasm denial. It can be something that you do on your own for your own satisfaction too, you don’t need a Dom to have fun with sissification. Cover image: lust4lthr via via Flickr.com CC BY 2.0 license
Discipline is almost universally accepted as a core component of pretty much any BDSM dynamic. For most people it's done as something that in reality is enjoyed by both participants, though there are people who get a kick out of receiving discipline and correction that they don't necessarily enjoy for itself in the moment. Most kinky discipline is physical and pain-based, but that's not the case all the time; many kinky couples use other punishment types as well or instead, such as corner time or writing lines. Certain acts of sexual service can also be used as discipline. Your safeword remains in place, of course, and negotiation and pre-consent is just as vital for these kinds of play as for any other.
Imagine, for a moment, that you're in complete darkness. The hood you're wearing keeps you from being able to hear or see anything, you're gagged firmly, and you're sufficiently confined that you're unable to move much at all. You know your partner has something planned for you - but you don't know what, and you have no way of getting any clues. You won't know what's about to happen until it does, and the possibilities are endless. For many people, this is an intoxicating fantasy - and it's that opening up of possibilities and uncertainty that makes sensory deprivation such an appealing prospect for its devotees.

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Female masking started in the 1980s when a man working on the batman films got inspired to make a female mask for himself. This started a movement of predominantly men who enjoy dressing up like female dolls. It can sometimes involve whole latex body suits including breast forms that turn a man into a feminine living doll. The person then takes on a completely different name and persona from when they’re dressed like they usually would. Do you enjoy female masking and being a living doll or want to know more? Check out our forums and chat with other kinksters into the same fetish as you. Cover image: Kallie Scott via via Flickr.com CC BY 2.0 license
Everybody has heard of cosplay, it’s dressing up but with a particular film, video game, book or comic character in mind. It’s something many think of as quite vanilla, but it can be kinky too! It’s all about context. The BDSM and kink community are very welcoming and there is lots of crossover with other alternative lifestyles including goths, gamers and, of course, geeks. It’s a welcoming world where you can wear your cosplay and get sexy with it. Often cosplay fetish goes hand-in-hand with other clothing fetishes such as latex or leather but often it’s more about the opportunity to roleplay. Who doesn’t want to be a hero or a villain sometimes?
You might not have heard of yiffing unless you’re part of the furry community. It’s a term for sexual activity. I can mean anything from porn or cybersex to real life fucking. It covers all kinds of sex and isn’t just one certain sex act but is all about furries getting it on. Doesn’t matter what sex they are or how many of them are engaged in play, yiff is the all-encompassing term for sexy fun times whilst in a furry persona. Or should that be purrrrrsona? I suppose it depends what kind of animal you are, really.

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CG/l stands for 'Caregiver / little', and is a gender-neutral catch-all term for many of the relationship dynamics found under a certain portion of the ageplay umbrella. Perhaps the most widely discussed of these dynamics is DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl), but all possible variations exist and identifying as a caregiver or a little is not bound by sexual orientation or gender identity! Some people enjoy incorporating the accoutrements of being 'little' into their play, such as pacifiers or colouring books or childlike clothing. Others simply enjoy the dynamic and fantasy, without wanting so much to express their littleness outwardly. CG/l sometimes comes alongside AB/DL, but there are significant differences between the two communities and the fetishes are not quite the same thing!
'Crossdressing' is a slightly archaic term these days, though some people - usually those who identify definitively with one binary gender but enjoy wearing the clothes of and playing the role of the other for social, sexual, personal or performative purposes - find it one they identify with more than any other. Drag kings and queens are often thought of as crossdressers, as are transvestites - though be very careful when describing someone as a transvestite, as while some crossdressing people self-identify that way it has been used as a slur often enough that it's a word best avoided unless you know someone likes it.
Gothic culture is primarily about fashion and music, but it crosses over with the fetish scene in a few ways. For one thing, gothic dress and fetish wear can be quite similar; many people who are a member of both subcultures wear the same outfit to events on either side, and it's not always possible to spot the difference! Another link comes from the way that social subcultures tend to work. If someone is already perceived as being a little unusual in one way - because they're a goth, because they're kinky or because they're queer, for example - they're more likely to be open to the idea of exploring other unusual hobbies and cultures. This means that your local goth club and your local munch probably have a broadly similar clientele!

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Beach sex comes up time and again in a hundred films, and it's the subject of all manner of romantic scenes in books and other media. It's supposed to be the ultimate in sexy: hot, sweaty, romantic and picturesque. The trouble is that sand gets everywhere, beaches are generally public spaces and there are some parts of your body on which you really don't want sunburn! There are two main options: either frequent a beach that explicitly allows sex to take place, or wait till nightfall and find somewhere nice and secluded to hide out. Dealing with the sand afterwards is your own problem to figure out, of course...
So there are two main issues with sex in the water. One is that it tends to wash away a lot of the essential lubrication, meaning that things can get a little paradoxically dry down there - and the other is that water's natural buoyancy means it can be a bit more difficult than you might imagine getting everything in place. The trick is to bring some water-based lube in with you, anchor yourself on the side of the pool and keep experimenting till you find something that works for you and your partner! This is an experience well worth having, though it might take a little while to get it right.
Most people love a bit of outdoor fucking from time to time, but for some, it's a huge deal and a common feature in their fantasies. If this sounds like you, it's a good idea to pick your locations to have sex in the open wisely; quiet beaches and deserted woodlands are fantastic, but a family resort is probably not a particularly good idea! Make sure you're not in the line of any CCTV cameras, and you aren't about to fall into a patch of stinging nettles. Other than that, just so long as you're careful to attain the consent of any bystanders and you're not breaking any local laws, you're ready to go - and the experience can be a beautifully liberating one.

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Spreader bars can be attached via cuffs to either the wrists or the ankles (or, in some cases, both simultaneously), and some models have an extra attachment point in the middle so that they can be tied or locked onto something else. They restrict movement more thoroughly than some other methods, as they're used to keep the hands or feet a set distance apart. This, of course, makes them are excellent choice for people who want to make sure their submissives can't try and keep their legs together! They're relatively straightforward and inexpensive, making them a fantastic addition to pretty much anyone's kinky toy box.
Bondage rope is perhaps the most fundamental part of any bondage kit, and is a vital addition to anyone's sex toy collection - and the more, the better. Good bondage rope is soft, strong, well sealed at the ends and resistant to fraying. There are countless ways to use it, and a clever dominant can fashion enough rope into almost anything else; cuffs, a collar, even a gag! The most important thing is to have a pair of shears on hand whenever you're playing with rope; that way, if you need to release someone from a tie quickly and painlessly, you won't be stuck fumbling with knots long after they've used a safeword.
Ring gags are unique in that, while they still remove the wearer's ability to use their mouth as they usually would, they leave a few other options wide open. The ring-shaped opening means that a submissive wearing one of these gags can still be put to good use for giving oral sex or playing watersports-related games--all the while being unable to speak, make much noise or regain control over their mouth. Like other gags, they come in a variety of materials including rubber, metal and plastic--and they're available at many different price points. Just take care not to cause choking, and always arrange a nonverbal safeword before the gag goes on. Cover photo: wyldenkinky.

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Don’t you think that fur feels fantastic? That’s why it has been used to make coats and other clothing for as long as humans have been wearing clothes. Some people though really, really love the feel of fur so much that it becomes their fetish! Soft, sensual and warm, fur fills many fantasies, who hasn’t dreamed of being naked in front of a roaring log fire lying on a fur rug with a lover? If this sounds like your kink, you might just have a fur fetish! Read on to find out more and connect with others who love fur too.
Are socks sexy? Knee high, sports, ankle, plain white or bright patterns, socks are often seen as just a boring practicality but some people are really turned on by socks. Some people enjoy specific kinds of socks, plain white cotton ones that go with a school uniform or brightly coloured knee highs. Some people enjoy the smell and look of worn socks. Sock fetishists might be turned on by wearing socks or seeing someone else wear them. It’s often called sock worship when someone enjoys watching someone else wear socks. Sometimes the turn on might just be the socks themselves regardless of whether they’re being worn or not. The key factor in any sock fetish is, unsurprisingly really, the socks
A belt is something that is often taken for granted. It’s a binding the holds up trousers and skirts and is often very functional in looks. However, if you have a belt fetish this common item of clothing is a real turn on! Seeing it wrapped around a sexy waist, cinched tight or left loose gets some people going. Some enjoy seeing a belt stretched between two hands, taut and ready to be used as a restraint or maybe to give a spanking. Others are more interested in the noise a belt makes when removed or the sound it makes when striking flesh. Belts are far more exciting than you might first think, especially if you’ve got a belt fetish.

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Traditionally, the term 'gay' refers to people who identify as men who date, sleep with and love only other people who also identify as men. Over the years, however, more and more people on the LGBT+ spectrum came to identify with the term; people of many gender identities and sexual orientations sometimes use it to describe themselves now. The controversy surrounding gayness has mostly to do with the fact that cis gay men are seen and portrayed very differently to many other LGBT+ people - and often wind up as the recipients of a huge amount of the acceptance, understanding, attention and publicity afforded to this group as a whole.
Asexuals (or Ace's) are perhaps the least understood or discussed of all sexualities. Asexuality refers to people who do not, to a greater or lesser extent, experience sexual attraction to other people. Sexual attraction is not the same thing as sexual desire or libido, and attitudes towards sex among asexuals varies widely; from sex-averse asexuals who do not like or engage in sex, to sex-favourable asexuals for whom the lack of sexual attraction may have little impact on an active (even kinky) sex life, and everything between. The asexual spectrum also includes a variety of identities, including (but not limited to) Demisexuals who may become sexually attracted to people to whom they are emotionally close, Grey Asexuals who may experience sexual attraction but only rarely or to a lesser degree, Cupiosexuals who may still desire a relationship despite the lack of attraction, and more. Aromantics (Aro's) are a separate identity based on lack of romantic attraction but with a similar variety of attitudes and orientations - many people identify as both Ace and Aro but the two identities are independent of one another. The core identities of Asexual and Aromantic relate to the absence of one or other form of attraction, with variations on the spectrum recognising more specific experiences and attitudes. Copy subbed by Non-Vanilla Aces - A group for any and all people on the asexual spectrum.
Sexuality is a spectrum, and there's more than one way of being straight. It's true that people who identify this way are in general attracted only to people of a different gender to them - but that can cover a lot of bases! There are more than two genders, after all; there are people who identify as straight who are attracted to others of any gender other than their own. Some straight people are attracted primarily to gender identity, and have relationships with trans partners, while other may find that they seem only to be attracted to cisgendered people. Not even 'straight' is a cut and dried sexuality - never forget that humans are complex, and so therefore are the words they use to describe themselves!

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Sexsomnia is a relatively rare sleep disorder, and thought to be a variant of sleepwalking. Sexsomniacs exhibit sexual behaviours in their sleep, usually without being aware of their actions or remembering it the next morning. For obvious reasons it can be a problematic condition, but in otherwise healthy relationships the partners of sexsomniacs can usually learn how to manage the condition from their perspective - whether by figuring out how to break the cycle and awaken the sufferer, or by getting into it if they happen to be in the mood themselves! As with all things, communication is key. Talk this over with your partner well in advance, and come up with a strategy that works for you both.
Paraphilia is a psychiatric diagnosis defined as 'a condition characterised by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities'. In some cases, this is clear-cut: bestiality and pedophilia are both classed as being paraphilia, for example. The problem comes when the term is overused: it's sometimes employed to medicalise and problematise fetishes of all kinds, which is marginalising and repressing and no good to anyone. At the end of the day, the answer is simple: if your "abnormal sexual desires" are potentially harmful to yourself or others in a way that is non-consensual or more than transient, calling them paraphilia and seeking treatment might be helpful. Otherwise you do you, boo.
Who doesn’t love balloons? They’re connected with all things celebratory. However, some people really love balloons. Balloon fetishists are known as looners, they tend to be split between poppers and non-poppers depending on if they like the balloons to pop or not. If you get turned on by balloons being blown up, by sitting on them or rolling around on top of them or even if the pop of a balloon is orgasmic for you, you might well be a looner. There are many kinds of balloons and a million ways to have fun with them. Meet other looners who love them on Fetish.com today!

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No sooner does humanity make a new technological innovation than it starts trying to figure out how to use it for sex--and digital photography was no different. In this brave new world where the camera in your jeans pocket is better than any your great-grandparents could have imagined, amateur and erotic photography are practically ubiquitous. It can be an excellent way to explore fetishes, to share intimate moments with people you can't be physically near, and to store away naughty memories to stir you up when you revisit them later. It's worth giving some thought to who has access to your nude photographies and to where they end up. At the click of a button they can be broadcasted all over the world - so make sure you trust the people who are in charge of those buttons!
There's no denying that the internet has revolutionised porn. Where once you needed outside assistance if you wanted to get your homemade images and videos out there, now you can do it entirely alone - and there are plenty of people who find that they prefer seeking out and watching amateur porn to buying more polished and pricey professional examples of the genre. Anyone with a smartphone can release their own content, so if it interests you - what are you waiting for? Just remember: the internet remembers and stores things forever, and there's no way of guaranteeing that your friends and family won't come across what you publish there.
Lap dancing is usually thought of as being a pretty vanilla pursuit, but there are plenty of fetishists who enjoy it as much as anyone else! It can actually be a fantastic act of service from a submissive partner to their dominant, or a fun way to get everyone going at a kink club or a fetish party. Fetish wear adds a certain frisson to the experience, and heavy use of kneeling, bowing and other inherently submissive moves can really add something to the experience. Couples who try out a little lap dancing often say it turns out to be a surprisingly intimate experience - so why not give it a go?
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