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Humiliation can really get the motor running, especially for those who love a bit of D/s in the bedroom and other places. A specific type of humiliation enjoyed by mostly men is small penis humiliation (or SPH). It makes the person feel awkward and uncomfortable and that can really be a big ol’ turn on. It’s not something you can really do solo, you need someone to humiliate you. To make you feel you’re your cock really just isn’t going to measure up at all. If this sparks your interest, read on and maybe you’ll find your exacting mistress or master here on

What is small penis humiliation?

When a person with a penis enjoys being told that their penis is too small, it doesn’t actually relate to the size of the person’s penis at all, it’s all about someone else humiliating them for it.

Why does SPH turn some men on?

It depends on the individual as to what turns them on, of course, but there can be connections back to experiences during puberty that have become intrinsically linked with that person’s sexuality. Small penis humiliation can be an expression of a person’s submission. They may enjoy being made to feel inadequate. It can be part of cuckoldry, too, with the dominant partner belittling a partner while seeking sex with someone else.

Are Dommes into SPH?

Yes, some Dommes really enjoy indulging this particular fetish. They will happily measure and deride a person’s penis in consensual ways that turn that person on. It is a personal choice of course, some people really don’t like dishing out this kind of psychological torture but others love it!

Is it OK that SPH turns me on?

Yes! As long as it’s consensual, everyone is enjoying it, it’s fine. It’s not okay if it’s an expression of toxic masculinity (penis size really doesn’t matter you know) or you feel like it’s out of control. If you’re at all worried about your fetish, you’re best seeing a medical professional.

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