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Get kinky with nipple play

Nipples are sensitive parts of the body and respond strongly to stimulation. Some people really love all kinds of nipple play. From soft, gentle stroking to nipple clamps there’s bound to be some kind of nipple play for you to enjoy.

There’s no need for special equipment, pinching, licking, stroking and biting are great ways to indulge in nipple play. But if you want to get really into it, you could use clamps or suckers or if you’re a fan of pain, staples or needles through the nipple can be fun. It all counts as nipple play, so you have plenty to explore and enjoy.

What is nipple play?  

Any stimulation of the nipple that is done to titillate (excuse the pun) and arouse. From stroking and kissing to the use of clamps and wartenberg wheels. It’s a broad category so feel free to let your imagination run wild!

Can you orgasm from nipple play alone?

It is possible! Nipples are sensitive, and many women especially claim to come from just nipple stimulation alone. There is no specific method, it’s all down to trying out what works for you.

Do men enjoy nipple play?

Yes! Nipples are fun to play with no matter what gender you are or sexual orientation. Men do enjoy having their nipples stroked, licked and pinched as well as bitten, clamped and more in some cases.

What toys can you use for nipple play?

If you want to try more than your fingers and mouth, there are plenty of toys you can use for stimulating the nipples. Nipple clamps of course, little bullet vibrators can be used too and are especially effective on clamped nipples. You can use feathers to tickle and tease or short, soft floggers if you want a bit more pain. Dripping wax on nipples can be fun too!

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    The nipples are an erogenous zone for people with all kinds of bodies, and many find that they're uniquely sensitive to stimulation. People with breasts tend to find that their nipples are more sensitive than those of people without, but this is by no means a reliable or universal guideline. Pleasure, pain and even bondage can all use the nipples; they're a great site for pinwheels, clamps, pegs, wax, caressing, licking, stroking, touching, kissing, biting and more. Dominant types often enjoy nipple stimulation just as much as their submissive counterparts, though for obvious reasons they're less likely to be interested in the more painful and intense end of the spectrum. Try some things out and don't be afraid to experiment!
    While the breasts aren't primarily a sexual organ, they're certainly popular as a secondary sexual feature, and there are plenty of kinks and fetishes that focus on breast stimulation. Many people enjoy breast bondage, which can create a certain look and heighten sensation; nipple clamps are popular tools in nipple play, and some even vibrate or come with weights for a variety of sensations. If impact play is your thing, the breasts are a great place for it; particularly if you enjoy marks and bruises, as they're prone to colouring nicely! Just be careful and, as always, do your research.
    Pain and sensation come in many forms, and not all of them require strength or finesse. Much like biting, it can be surprisingly easy to control and inflict pain on a willing victim simply by pinching them - particularly if you choose your target areas wisely! This is a particularly useful trick for dominants who are physically not as strong as their submissive partners. It's not a type of pain that everyone enjoys, but for those who like it it's a great way to subtly work a little bit of a kinky dynamic into the everyday without drawing too much attention to yourself or needing any special implements and equipment.