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Biting frequently forms a part of kink play and BDSM games. For some people, it's an easy way to cause controlled pain to someone who is not necessarily physically weaker than they are; for others it's a possessive and almost primal act. Whatever appeals to you about the act of biting (or the idea of being bitten), it's important not to break the skin; if blood play is your thing there are safe ways to do it, but biting someone hard enough that they bleed is always unhygienic and never a good plan.

What is biting fetish? 

Odaxelagnia is the paraphilia for biting, which takes arousal from biting and being bitten to the extreme. If you are finding your biting fetish is negatively impacting your life then contact a medical professional. Most people though just really love being bitten or biting someone. It is something that is commonly listed as a turn on by many people.

How do I tell my partner I want to bite them?

Sometimes it’s best to talk about things you want to try before you are engaged in a sexual activity. If you think it might need a lot of discussion, for example. You can ask just before you try biting, though but always ask before you bite.

It is a very common sexual practise, so most people will know about biting or have tried it before. Remember to ask how and where is okay to bite and if you can leave marks if you get permission to bite.

Be truthful, ask directly and be ready for them to say no. Maybe if that happens you can discuss compromises. There may be bite like activities you can do together such as nipping a lip when you’re kissing for example. It might be that they just don’t want any marks leaving, so you can work around that.

How do I bite safely?

Just like with impact play, there are safe areas of the body to bite, and those which should be avoided. Aim for areas that are fatty, avoid muscles and bony areas of the body. Areas such as breasts, bottom and thighs are great to bite for example. Make sure you’re biting at a level your partner is happy with, do they want marks or not? Try not to break skin when you’re biting, you would have to bite quite hard to do so, as this can lead to infections and permanent scaring.

How do I hide bite marks?

If you’ve got a hickie and you need to go to work or visit family, you might need to cover it up. You can use clothing such as high necked tops or scarves, trousers not skirts etc but it also might be worth investing in a good concealer, but remember to check on it from time to time, in case it’s wearing off.

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