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Humiliation play

Humiliation play is a cornerstone of BDSM for many kinksters. Some enjoy physical humiliation and being forced to carry out humiliating acts: serving as a toilet, an ashtray or a piece of furniture for a dominant partner comes into this category. Others like to take on humiliating roles, such as that of an animal or a slave. The most common expression of sexual humiliation in kink, however, is verbal. Name calling and insults are massively common parts of many BDSM encounters, and with consent and pre-discussion can add a fantastic frisson to events! Just make sure you negotiate well in advance - people's limits in this area can be super specific.

What is humiliation?

Humiliation is when someone makes you feel embarrassed or you make someone else feel this way. In kink settings this is done to sexually arouse a person.

Why do people like to be humiliated?

Humiliation is considered to be part of masochism, the sexual enjoyment of pain. Not all pain is physical, the embarrassment of humiliation is also painful and some people find this really hot. It could be because of an association they’ve made between being humiliated and being turned on or it might be they like the way it helps them lose themselves in the moment. Every person is different and has a different approach to their kink.

How do I do humiliation play safely?

Considered edge play because of it’s far-reaching psychological influence, you need certain controls in place before trying this kind of play. As with all BDSM play, establishing a safeword is essential. Discuss the scene thoroughly in advance, so the submissive can explain their boundaries. There may be specific words that really upset them or they might not want to be humiliated in front of others. Always keep these limits in mind. Aftercare is very important. Lots of reassurance in whatever form you enjoy (hugs, sweet treats, chatting, kisses etc) is needed to recover from the intense psychological play.

My partner wants to be humiliated, where do I start?

Firstly, ask what exactly your partner wants. If you’re not sure where to start, maybe discussing various scenarios with them is a good way to start. This way you can find out what they are most likely to respond positively too.

Start slowly, try out a few words and phrases and see how it goes. Don’t pressure yourself to be perfect straight away, it might take a few attempts before you find the perfect words and scenarios to satisfy you both. However, if you are not comfortable with humiliating your partner, you can say no. We all have our limits and the tops and Doms have as much right to say no to doing something as the subs do.

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