Erotic Wrestling

Into erotic wrestling? Want to fight and be beaten?

Knock it out of the ring with erotic wrestling

Sweaty, body to body contact, twisting and turning, fighting to pin the other person down, and wanting to end up ecstatic and on top. Yep, we're talking about wrestling, but it also sounds like a fun sex session, right? That's what erotic wrestling is—embracing the erotic of the act of two humans wrestling for Dominance. Primal and thrilling in many ways and more than just a fight to see who is the winner. There are connections to the professional sport of course, but with extensions that make it a sexual act in and of itself.

What is erotic wrestling?

Erotic wrestling is a wrestling match where the sexuality of the sport is embraced. So instead of avoiding touching genitals, erotic wrestling can and does involve sex acts. Either as part of the wrestling itself or afterwards as a reward for the winner. It's a primal fetish often linked to BDSM as it's often related to one person asserting their dominance over another.

Is erotic wrestling the same as muscle fetish?

No, the two overlap but they are different fetishes. In muscle fetish, the focus is on the persons' muscles, worshipping them and watching them in action. Erotic wrestling is all about the act of wrestling itself and the fight for dominance.

Is erotic wrestling a FemDom thing?

It certainly can be. There is a big call for strong mistresses to put their willing submissives in their place with a wrestling match. However, anyone can have a wrestling fetish, and there are gay and lesbian erotic wrestlers as well. Anyone of any gender can enjoy this fetish.

Is it ok to be into erotic wrestling?

Of course! It's fabulous to have a fetish and people often discover their fetishes through other hobbies and past times in their lives. As long as you are practising Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) rules and you are enjoying your fetish, it's more than okay. If you ever feel like it's getting out of control and you are worried about your fetish, it's best to talk to a medical practitioner about it.

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