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There are a few ways to make enemas a part of your sex life. Many people who enjoy anal sex use them in advance, to ensure that the experience is as clean as possible; this isn't necessary by any stretch, but it can be worth doing if it helps you to relax. For others, enema play is a kink in its own right - related to kinks for bodily fluids, medical play or control, or simply because they enjoy the unique sensations it supplies. Some people make this a part of their sex life and BDSM scenes, while others prefer to experiment with and administer their enemas themselves.

What is an enema?

It is the process of injecting fluids into the rectum to either encourage a bowel movement or simply to clean out the rectum before other sexual activities.

How do you give an enema safely?

Make sure the enema bag you are using is clean, never share with someone else and be sure to clean with hot soapy water after use and rinse out with clean water.

The water for an enema needs to be lukewarm, so check it is just a little warm to the touch as too hot can be dangerous and too cold can cause cramps. Add 1tsp of sea salt to every litre of water, this helps prevent dehydration. When the bottle is full, expel a little water to be sure to illuminate air bubbles, they’re not harmful but can cause painful cramps.

It’s important to lie down when having your enema, make sure you are comfortable and have something protective beneath you in case of leaking. You want to be sure you are close to a toilet for the release of fluid.

Make sure the enema bag is hung about 2 feet above the person receiving it. Have them lie in a comfortable position, on their back or side is best for beginners and generally for comfort. Make sure the end of the tube is well lubed before inserting.

Once the fluid is depleted you can hold for as long as you feel able, realistically this will be a few minutes if you’re not used to enemas. Use the toilet as you normally would and be aware you might need to use it again after moving around, so be sure to be near a toilet for a little while after your enema. Be careful not to use enemas too often, they can cause dehydration and other problems.

Can you give yourself an enema?

Certainly, follow the safety advice and find a comfortable position so you can self-insert the tube, but there is no reason you can’t do it yourself.

Do you need to have an enema before anal sex?

No, there is no need, however some people like to feel super clean before trying anal play. It’s a personal preference!

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