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Anal sex is hugely popular, but it's not the only way of getting your butt in on the action. Anal massage and analingus can both feel fantastic for giver and receiver alike, and they're a great way of warming someone up to be fucked in the ass without difficulty or discomfort.

There are plenty of toys around designed to make anal play more enjoyable for all involved, and it's well worth looking into some plugs and vibrators to see what they can do for you. Be careful about what you pick, though - toys not designed for use in that area can get lost more easily than you might imagine, so be sure and get the right ones for you and your partner!

Is anilingus safe? 

Anilingus goes by many names: rim job, rimming, salad tossing; and is a popular form of ass play that people of all genders can find enjoyable. Sex is messy and occasionally risky business - anilingus is a form of oral sex and thus no different. If you’re with a new partner, the typical discussions need to happen - any STIs, general health, preferences, body hair, etc.

After you’ve given anilingus the green light, make sure you’re clean and trimmed! Relieve yourself before play and perhaps do an enema to be extra squeaky clean.

If you’re concerned about health risks, use a dental dam as a barrier, there are lots of ways to have fun and keep yourself protected. For this form of oral sex, it is important to maintain the area trimmed and clean. Poop particles are tiny and stick to places you don’t want them - you don’t need to be clean shaven, but trim and clean will help prevent the spread of things you don’t want in your mouth.

If you are concerned about it have no fear, there are plenty of other ways you can play with that ass!

I’ve never had anal sex before…HELP!

So you wanna try the back door? We’ve got a few rules for you so listen up! Most importantly help yourself stay relaxed and be prepared. Once you’ve agreed to have anal sex with your partner(s) make sure you have everything you’ll need in an easy-to-access place.

First and foremost, freshen up. Relieve yourself before, do an enema if you plan to play for some time, have lots of lube and a towel. Your ass doesn’t have natural lubrication (like a vagina or a mouth) so use lube liberally and avoid ripping yourself a new asshole.

Tease and play before you stick anything in. Anilingus is an excellent way to warm up for anal sex. You can also use fingers or sex toys specifically designed for anal play. Butt plugs, anal stretchers and anal beads are a few examples of some things you can use. Foreplay is necessary to help relax the sphincter muscles, which are a ‘hole’ lot tighter than a vagina or mouth.

Slow and steady wins the race. Take your time when entering an asshole for the first time. Talk to your partner, make sure they are breathing and get them to relax as much as you can. If you’re on the receiving end, breathe and relax, let it feel good. It’s also important to note, that not everyone likes anal sex and that’s fine. Speak up! If it’s not feeling right or good - for either party - it’s perfectly fine and right to stop. You can always try another time again, or decide maybe it’s not for you.

Anal play in the kink scene

Since this is a fetish site, we should point out ass play, and anal sex can be used in ways not usually considered in vanilla play. Depending on your relationship and what your kinks are it can be utilised as a form of humiliation or as a punishment. Alternatively, is sometimes used as a reward for good little subs who bend over when they are told.

For obvious reasons, the gay community dominates the anal play arena, but that doesn't mean these are the only people who enjoy it. Whether you’re a leather pup in training, a rubber pig who needs to be put in his place or anything else your kinky imagination can dream up, the most important things to remember are consent and cleanliness!

I want to peg my partner, where do we start?

Slow and steady wins the race, especially in anal play. So before cracking out the strap on with huge dildo, play about with smaller, easier to insert things such as fingers, anal beads and plugs designed for anal play.

Make sure you use lots and lots of lube. You can’t use too much. The anus isn’t self-lubricating so you need to keep reapplying lube throughout play. Pick out a dildo that your partner is happy to take. Always start out small, you can get bigger and wider at a later point. Keep communicating. If they say stop, stop. It may take some time before you can fully peg your partner, but the patience is well worth it!

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    Anal sex is one of those things that often divides people: for some it's the holy grail of sexual gratification, while others don't want it at all. If you love it, though, chances are that you really love it - and if you'd like to learn to love it, there are certainly options! Incidentally, anal sex is a lot more 'mainstream' than you might imagine. Studies suggest that almost 50% of the population has tried it - so why not find out what all the fuss is about?
    Sometimes known as butt plugs, anal plugs are toys especially made to be inserted into the anus. With a curved body and a pointed tip, anal plugs have a wide, flared base so the toy won’t be sucked inside the anal passage. They are available in all different sizes, so you can start out small and move on to bigger plugs if you so desire. Anal plugs come in all different colours, some have jewels or designs in the base, others vibrate or even spread once inserted. Whatever your level or desire, there is an anal plug out there for you.
    Kinksters wanting to add something more to their bondage play have been hooked by a devious and simple device: the anal hook. Simply made out of stainless steel, this hook has a ball at one end to insert into the anus of any willing sub and an O ring at the other end to tie rope to. This can then be tied to another part of the sub’s body or to a hard point. Any movement then makes the hook slide deeper, causing discomfort. Perfect if you need to keep a submissive still, always use lube and only use an anal hook if you have experience with rope.