Mutual Masturbation

What is mutual masturbation all about?

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Masturbation is often seen as a solo activity, but it can be enjoyed with a partner and when it is, it’s known as mutual masturbation. It can involve two people masturbating individually but watching each other, this is fantastic for an exhibitionist or voyeuristic thrill. Mutual masturbation can also involve people masturbating each other and letting their fingers do the talking…well, wanking really. Mutual masturbation is at least double the fun and can be a wonderful way to play, finding out what turns your partner on by watching how they please themselves and showing off what gets you off too!

What is mutual masturbation?

Simply, it’s masturbation you do with someone else. You can watch your partner masturbate, have them watch you or you can even touch each other.

Is mutual masturbation safe?

It is really safe. If you’re worried about pregnancy, make sure ejaculate is kept away from the vagina. However, even then the chances of getting pregnant are really low. STI’s can be passed on any time vaginal fluids or semen comes in contact with another person’s genitals so just be careful and keep yourself clean.

How do I try mutual masturbation with my partner?

A good way to introduce a new idea to a partner is to bring it up in conversation as something you’re curious about. It’s easier to casually suggest giving it a go when there’s no in the moment pressure. Mutual masturbation is something you can easily introduce into your sex life, take the lead and let your partner watch you or ask to watch them and see where it goes from there.

Is mutual masturbation kinky?

Hell yeah, it can be really kinky. There’s some great opportunities for exhibitionism and voyeurism here and of course there’s orgasm control and denial. Maybe try adding a little predicament with bondage that makes it hard to touch the genitals. Anything can be kinky if you try hard enough!

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