Snuggle up!

Who doesn't love a good cuddle?

Warm and intimate, cuddles really do make everything better. They're also great before or after sex or even during. They show how much you want to be with the other person and enjoy being so close to them. Many face to face sex positions incorporate cuddling as it offers lots of skin on skin touching, bringing a greater intimacy to love making. Cuddles aren't just all about soppy romance either. They are a wonderful way to get close to your partner, show intimacy and cuddles that turn into sex are definitely the best ones ever!

What happens to your body when you cuddle?

The happy hormone oxytocin is released and gives you a wonderful sense of well being. As dopamine is also produced, cuddles can increase arousal too, so don’t safe those hugs for just post coital activities. Hell, a good cuddle even lowers your blood pressure and stress levels. Everyone needs more cuddles in their life!

What is the best position to cuddle in?

Whatever you like the most! Big spoon or little spoon, face to face or side to side. Whatever works for you in your given situation. Lots of skin to skin contact, though, can really make a hug something special.

What are some intimate alternatives to cuddling?

Sometimes you don't want to cuddle but still want to show your love and affection for someone else. Tell them with words, it's okay not to want to cuddle but don't leave your partner hanging! A quick kiss is a good way to show affection when in a rush or if you want to be intimate but it's too uncomfortable for full body touching holding hands could work.

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