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Let's get wet - everything about shower sex

Shower sex can be a lot of fun. It's sexy, sure, but it's also intimate; there's something lovely about being naked and relaxed with someone in such an everyday way. It's a great way to bond with someone whether you're getting down and dirty as you clean yourselves or not. If you're the lucky owner of one, bathtub sex might be a slightly more comfortable option as you can lay down.

The shower can also be a great place to experiment with some of the messier fetishes you might have considered. It's the best venue for first-timers to try watersports, for example, and it's a great way to make wax play safer and easier to clean up.

Is shower sex safe? 

It is, just be careful about slipping. It’s good to have a non-slip mat in the shower generally but especially if you’re going to be getting hot and heavy in there!

What are the best positions for shower sex?

The shower is a fun way to give each other oral sex, play around with fingering or even a bit of mutual masturbation. Unless you’re in a huge shower you probably won’t be able to lie down so any stranding up positions would be best if you want penetrative sex.

Can I do watersports in the shower?

The shower is probably the best location for watersports as it’s easy to clean up afterwards!

Is a shower the best way to get wax play wax off?

Depending on the amount of wax on your skin, a shower is a great way to get it off. If you have done lots of wax play though a knife is probably the best way to get it off. You can get wooden ones designed to do the job if you don’t want to use a ‘real’ one.

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    So there are two main issues with sex in the water. One is that it tends to wash away a lot of the essential lubrication, meaning that things can get a little paradoxically dry down there - and the other is that water's natural buoyancy means it can be a bit more difficult than you might imagine getting everything in place. The trick is to bring some water-based lube in with you, anchor yourself on the side of the pool and keep experimenting till you find something that works for you and your partner! This is an experience well worth having, though it might take a little while to get it right.
    The term 'watersports' covers all sexual pursuits involving urine, and it's pretty common amongst kinksters. If you're new to this fetish and you'd like to try it out, the best way for beginners is to hop in the bath or shower with your partner before you play: it keeps things contained and makes it much easier to clean up afterwards! In contrast to scat, watersports don't usually come with heavy hygiene warnings; piss is a lot cleaner than people give it credit for. Make sure your golden shower is a fresh one, though, when pee starts to go stale it can also start causing you harm.
    The usual story goes that 'foreplay' is all the stuff you get up to during sex that isn't, you know, mechanical thrusting. You've probably heard a lot of stuff about how women need it more than men do, too - as though generalisations like that are either helpful or accurate! Here at, we're huge fans of all the activities involved in what people call foreplay - but not necessarily of the concept itself. Sex isn't always between one person with a penis and another with a vagina, it doesn't always start and end with perfectly defined boundaries and the literal fucking doesn't always have to be the most important part! Rather than looking at your sexual encounters as a three course meal where the PIV is the main event, think of them as a buffet: you can try a little bit of everything, go back as often as you like, and have things in any order you fancy.