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The term 'watersports' covers all sexual pursuits involving urine, and it's pretty common amongst kinksters. If you're new to this fetish and you'd like to try it out, the best way for beginners is to hop in the bath or shower with your partner before you play: it keeps things contained and makes it much easier to clean up afterwards!

In contrast to scat, watersports don't usually come with heavy hygiene warnings; piss is a lot cleaner than people give it credit for. Make sure your golden shower is a fresh one, though, when pee starts to go stale it can also start causing you harm.

Are there any health concerns with watersports?

First of all, we don’t want to be a buzz kill for any fetish; we're here to celebrate them - hence the name! It is, however, essential to be aware of any potential health risks, so consider talking about things BEFORE doing them as your number one precaution to take. Oh, and (because we can never say it enough) consent, consent, consent!

In general, urine is sterile if the person is healthy, but how can you know? Get tested, eat right, drink water, communicate with your partner(s) about any potential risks. Sex is messy and wet; you exchange fluids, it’s just what happens. So if whoever you’re playing with has something, chances are if they pee on or in you, you’ll get it too (and vice versa).

Some not-so-nice-things you can potentially get from piss play (or for that matter, sex of any kind):

  • Any bacteria, fungal or viral infections the person might have (especially if you ingest urine)
  • Hepatitis (B)
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Genital herpes (even if there are no visible symptoms)
  • Most common STIs - chlamydia, gonorrhoea (if ingested)
  • Substances - illegal drugs, alcohol, medication (so if you have to take a piss test you might want to check out what your partner(s) are taking)
  • Some good news: there are no known cases of HIV transmission through ingestion of urine - but there is a risk, of course.

If you want to pee inside your partner keep a few things in mind:

Pee is acidic and will fuck up the pH levels inside a vagina - those levels keep it healthy. It can increase the risk of yeast infections (thrush) and bacterial vaginosis. Pregnant women should hold off on piss play until after they’ve finished breast feeding. So if this is something you absolutely must have for sex, check with your doctor about it.

If you have a cut or open wound, make sure to cover it up properly before play and do your best to avoid pissing on or near the area. There will be enough fluid exchange going on; you don’t need to add one more into the mix.

How do I say that I want to pee on my partner?

Talking to your partner(s) is the best way to find out if they share this fetish of yours and are willing to participate. It’s not always easy, it can be scary and intimidating, but isn’t the truth always like that? The important thing is to be confident and know what you want, the clearer you can be about your fantasies, the more likely your partner(s) will be able to understand what you’re hoping to get.

It also depends on your type of relationship and what you want to get out of your urine play fetish. Is it for dominance or submission? Perhaps humiliation or punishment? Or maybe it’s a reward? Have a clear idea, even if it’s just a small one, and have a talk about it. Who knows, you could end up with a delicious golden shower at the end of your talk!

Where’s the best place to practise watersports?

It’s going to get messy so somewhere you can easily clean up is probably the best. In the bath or shower is perfect for example. But also you could indulge outside (somewhere secluded of course) or with plastic or fluid-proof sheeting. Anywhere you can make cleaning up afterwards as easy as possible.

What is a golden shower and how do you give one?

When one person (or a group of people) pee on another person (or several people) then it’s known as a golden shower. There are lots of ways to do this, from standing over them to squatting over them or even having someone give you amazing oral sex first. The essential part is that the person/people who will be peeing need to have a full bladder. The rest is up to your kinky imaginations!

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