Female ejaculation and all about squirting

Make her squirt

There's some debate over exactly what squirting is and who can do it, but it seems relatively clear that some women (probably about a third) can do something akin to ejaculation when they reach climax. Squirting is a fetish for some people, and almost anyone finds it to be quite an achievement when they make it happen! If you'd like to experiment a little and find out if you're in that third, don't put too much pressure on it. Just as with having an orgasm in the first place, you're more likely to experience female ejaculation if you're feeling relaxed and comfortable about the whole thing rather than trying hard to make it happen.

Can women ejaculate?

Yes and no. Unfortunately there has not been a lot of scientific research done on female ejaculation. Some studies claim all women can learn how to do it, others say only a select few can. So it remains a mystery, much like the fluid that is released - some scientists claim the fluid released during female ejaculation is urine, others claim it’s from the Skene (basically the female prostate). Truth is no one knows… A little mystery in life is always a good thing right?

How to squirt

You’re curious now, all this talk of mystery fluids and orgasms… Here are a few tips for learning how to squirt - or at least giving it your best shot.

1. Don’t have any expectations. If you put pressure on yourself or your partner, it’s less likely to happen - same story with orgasming. Relax, it’ll happen or it won’t but either way, it’s likely to be a pleasurable experience.

2. Pee beforehand! For many women the sensation of squirting is similar to peeing so help yourself (or your partner) mentally and take care of this need before.

3. Do your sexercise - meaning kegels - a recommended 30 times every day. These are the PC muscles and help control when urine is released or not. Pulling up and then releasing them in a controlled manner will help strengthen them.

4. Find the G-spot. G-spot stimulation is key to squirting. To find it use any number of fingers that are comfortable (1-3) or a sex toy designed for G-spot stimulation. Insert fingers and curve them slightly towards the woman’s front side (anterior). The texture should feel slightly different than the rest of the vagina, in general, that’s the G-spot. To stimulate move the fingers up and down rhythmically or turn the toy on. Experiment with speed, pressure, etc. Every woman is different!

5. Some women find they need clitoral stimulation as well in order to squirt. So play around with that- there are different toys to accommodate this; you may begin to see why some women have a thing for octopi! Keep in mind squirting can feel completely different from a ‘normal or full orgasm’.

6. Location, location, location. Make sure you or your partner is comfortable. If you’re trying it out on a bed, make sure to put one or two towels down. A bathtub is another great place to experiment (especially if you’re trying this out alone with a toy) because if you feel like you have to pee, then there’s no worry!

In the end, remember there’s no pressure, either you can or you can’t, but it’s a fun thing to try out either alone or with a partner. Get to know your (partner’s) body better and have sexy fun!

Is squirting just peeing?

No, although squirting can be made up of a diluted urine substance, it isn’t the same thing. Squirting can be the expulsion of diluted pee (so it isn’t anywhere near as strong) but it can also be female ejaculation, which is a thicker substance that comes from the skene (female prostate). These two things can occur at the same time. Don’t worry. Squirting isn’t just wee. If you’re worried, make sure you go to the toilet before you have sex. The fluid you produce is a specific sexual response, so revel in it, don’t be embarrassed by it.

How can I make my partner squirt?

Firstly, make sure there’s no pressure to squirt during your sexual play. If someone feels pressured, then it isn’t going to happen. Your partner needs to be very relaxed and really turned on. Make sure there’s lots of foreplay then when your partner is very aroused start to manipulate the G-spot. This is a bumpy area on the top of the vagina, a little way in. It’s usually easiest to find with fingers. Manipulating this spot whilst your partner is relaxed and highly aroused could cause squirting to occur. If it doesn’t, your partner is still likely to have an orgasm and an orgasm is never ever a bad thing! Keep trying and experimenting but don’t make squirting the be all and end all, pressure and expectation are the enemy of squirting.

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