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While circumcision is the norm in most of America, in many parts of the world quite the opposite is the case - in the UK, for example, generally speaking only Jewish families and people with a small number of medical conditions have their foreskins removed. There are many benefits to having an uncircumcised penis, not least amongst which is that masturbation and genital stimulation are generally much easier; people who have been circumcised quite commonly find that it's harder for them to reach climax and that they need to masturbate in specific ways to achieve the intended effect. However your partner's cock works, of course, the important thing to bear in mind is that everyone is different and great communication is key!

 How do you pleasure an uncircumcised penis?

Always ask the penis owner as every penis is different. Some uncircumcised guys like it to be pulled back to get stimulation to the head for others that’s too much. So check. Generally, the same things you do with a circumcised cock you can do with an uncut one.

Is an uncircumcised penis harder to keep clean?

Not really, you need to take some care to clean under the foreskin but that’s the only difference. Foreskin or no foreskin all penises are as hygienic as each other.

Is there an uncircumcised penis fetish?

Yes, some people really prefer a cock with a foreskin and that’s totally cool. Just don’t body shame anyone who doesn’t have a foreskin and remember to treat the person with respect and not just as a receptacle for your fetish.

What is docking?

Docking is a sex act that involves two people with penises interlocking their foreskins together, or sometimes one circumcised person docks their foreskin over a circumcised penis.

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    In some countries, of which America is a major example, circumcision at birth is the norm for babies who are born with penises. This isn't true in most parts of the world (in the UK, for example, circumcision is generally only carried out for medical or religious reasons) but it does mean that there are places in the West where coming across a partner with an uncircumcised penis (or an 'uncut cock') is comparatively rare. It's not actually the case that circumcision is essential for good health and hygiene, and there are some pretty significant drawbacks to the procedure - such as the fact that it can decrease male pleasure. It's certainly the case however that for many people a cut cock is more aesthetically pleasing, and those who are used to seeing them may come to fetishise them over time. Whatever turns you on is okay, of course, but you must remember not to body-shame people alongside your kinks and fetishes! All cocks can be fantastic cocks, no matter their circumcision status.
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