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Fetishes are often about transgressing social convention and playing around with taboos. One of the things we as a society have developed some serious taboos regarding is, unfortunately, our own bodies - particularly the bits of them that grow hair and make smells! Naturally, then, there are some people for whom the idea of armpit licking, sniffing or even armpit sex is erotic and fantastical. It might not be the most common of fetishes, but it's an entirely healthy and explicable one! Some of those people will prefer their partner's armpits to be unshaved and/or unwashed, while others are more a fan of smooth and sweet; whatever you're into, talk it over with your partner to find out if they'd be happy to help you indulge this particular fantasy.

What is an armpit fetish?

Also known as maschalagnia, this fetish focuses in on the armpits, hairy or not, smelly or clean.

Should I grow my armpit hair for my partner who has an armpit fetish?

If you want to, it’s your body and your choice. You should never do something just because someone else wants you to but hair can always be removed at a later date, so give it a go if you want to, you might find you like it.

How do I ask my partner to stop using deodorant?

It is your partner’s choice as to whether they wear deodorant or not but you could explain how much you like natural odour and how you’d like to smell that more. If they're unwilling to do it all the time, you could maybe suggest they try it on days when they're going to be with just you all day. People can be anxious about body smells when around other people.

I really want to fuck an armpit, is that weird?

It’s definitely not a common sexual move but there’s nothing wrong with having an armpit fetish. It’s definitely something you’ll want to discuss with your partner in advance, it’s the kind of thing that might freak a person out if you just bring it up out of the blue.

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