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The meaning of frottage comes from the French word 'to rub', and in a non-sexual context, it is an art technique. The artwork is made from rubbing a soft pencil over thin paper or an uneven surface. However, the art of kinky frottage involves rubbing up against another person to sexually stimulate each other, which can be clothed or unclothed and between people of all genders. Other words can be used instead of frottage, such as 'tribbing' when two vulvas are rubbed together, and other fetishes can be involved too, such as clothed sex fetish. It's often called dry humping, though it can get very slippy if the people involved are naked!

What is frottage?

Frottage meaning the act of rubbing body parts together for sexual gratification can be both a clothed and unclothed action and alternatively known as dry humping as it doesn't involve any penetration.

Is frottage only for gay men?

No. Although frottage is often associated with two penis owners rubbing them together and tribbing is the equivalent to vulva owners. However, frottage can cover all genders and all kinds of sexual rubbing contact that might not involve rubbing genitalia together; it's any rubbing action that turns on the participants.

Can you get STI's from frottage?

If the people involved are fully clothed, there is minimal risk of an STI (sexually transmitted Infection). However, if the partners are naked, there is some risk of STI transmission and pregnancy, it's always best to have protection to minimise your risks.

Is frottage considered a sex act?

Although there is no penetration involved, frottage is still a sex act. As any contact that causes sexual arousal is by definition, a sex act.

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