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Everyone has veins, but not everyone has a vein fetish. People who are very attracted to visible veins may have this fetish. Some of the most common vein fetishes include visible veins in a man’s hands and arms, veins showing on breasts and cock veins. Vein fetish is the attraction to seeing veins visible under a person’s skin. This particular fetish can connect with medical fetishes, for example, wanting to tap veins to find if they’re suitable for taking blood. Mostly though, vein fetish is all about the look and feel of veins usually on another person’s body. Some vein fetishes especially love varicose veins; others just prefer natural veins that show through the skin. Veins that create ridges above the level of the skin is something that is particularly attractive for people with a vein fetish.

Is it weird that I’m attracted to veins?

Although vein fetish is one of the more uncommon fetishes it is not weird to be sexually attracted to a specific part of a person’s body. It’s similar to being attracted to small breasts or large butts. If your fetish makes you happy, then revel in it.

Which veins are most commonly seen as attractive?

Many people with vein fetish love to see visible, raised veins on a man’s arms and hands. This is probably the most common, followed closely by visible veins showing on the neck.

I only find certain veins attractive, is this normal?

This is totally normal. People can have very specific fetishes for breast veins or cock veins for example. You don’t need to be into all veins to have a vein fetish.

What is vein fetish?

When you have a sexual attraction to the visible veins in someone’s body, this is vein fetish. If you find the veins attractive over everything else about the person, then you’re likely to have a vein fetish.

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