Period Blood Fetish

Love the feel or taste of period blood?

Excited for 'time of the month' sex?

Periods for many people are a pain, stomach cramps, tender breasts, headaches and more. However, orgasms are good for relieving period pain and so menstrual sex can be a release for everyone involved. Period blood fetish means you make the most of that time of the month; the blood enhances everything whether it's going down on someone or playing with sanitary products, there's fun to be found in menstruation. Some people call it earning your red wings, giving oral sex to a person on their period. Others refer to people who love doing this as 'bloodhounds' but whatever you call yourself find others into period blood fetish here at!

What is period blood fetish?

A period blood fetish is someone who is turned on by period blood. For example, someone who wants to have sex with someone menstruating, give oral sex to a person on their period or a sexual fascination with period products like tampons and sanitary pads.

Is period blood fetish safe?

There are some risks to having period sex, but they are minimal. Some STIs such as HIV and hepatitis are easier to catch with blood, and because the cervix opens more during a period, this increases chances of catching an infection. So be sure to practice safer sex if you're unsure of your partner's status.

Is it ok to go down on my partner while on their period?

There is no reason for anyone not to give oral sex to your partner while they are on their period. It will taste different, and you might get a little bloody –that might be a bonus for you—but it is as safe as going down on a person at any other time of the month.

How do you deal with the mess of period sex?

Be prepared. Use specially designed sheets to deal with the extra blood to prevent it from getting on your bedsheets or use towels so you can quickly clear up after period sex.

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