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Everything you need to know about tickle fetish

Tickling is something people tend to either love or hate. If you get turned on by tickling well then you might just have a tickle fetish. If you’re turned on by tickling someone else, then you might have a tickle fetish.

Sexual arousal from tickling is often connected to Dominance and submission. When you give in to someone tickling you, you lose all control. And we all know that BDSM is all about who is in control and who is losing it.

BDSM isn’t all dark, serious and brooding, it can be fun and joyful too and tickle torture is all about finding the fun in fetish.

What is tickle fetish? 

Also known as Knismolagnia, tickle fetish is being sexually aroused by being tickled and/or tickling someone else.

What is tickle torture?

Tickle torture is Dominance by tickling. If you are being tickled, your control is taken away, consensually of course, so that you are tickled past what you might normally be comfortable with. Even something like tickling can be painful and used as torture in BDSM play.

Do I have a tickle fetish?

If you’re sexually excited by tickling or being tickled then you might well have a tickle fetish and that is okay. As long as you are letting people know and getting consent when you’re tickling or getting tickled as that is an essential for any and all fetish play. However, if you feel your fetish is causing you problems you should seek medical help.

Is tickling dangerous?

Tickling isn’t dangerous in the same way as say knife play or breath play is dangerous. However, there is elements of tickle torture especially that can act like breath play because the person being tickled is left gasping for breath. It’s important for the person tickling to read the bottom’s reactions and to give them time to catch their breath as needed. Tickling needs the same amount of thought, consideration and aftercare as any other kind of play.

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