Foot Fetish

Big, small, bare or in boots - explore your foot fetish

Get a kick out of feet?

Foot fetishes are actually very common, and are amongst the most frequently mentioned fetishes in popular media. The feet are a body part sometimes associated with smell and unattractiveness, which gets some people's taboo centres working. They're also erogenous zones for many, particularly as most people aren't that used to having them touched. Boots, heels and other footwear are precisely the kind of sexualised accessories so many people fall for, meaning that the feet inside them can also end up as the object of someone's desire. There are tonnes of feet videos and feet pictures online for those who can't get enough of pretty feet.

If you have a foot fetish, you might find that you're especially drawn to a certain kind of foot: large feet, small feet, ones in see-through shoes or bare feet.

What is a foot fetish? 

A person who is sexually attracted to feet has a foot fetish. It’s all about the feet, looking at or touching them. They need some kind of foot interaction to be aroused.

How can I find someone who shares my foot fetish?

Here at is a good place to start. Place a personal ad or browse others who have this fetish on their profile to get started finding someone who tickles your fancy…or tootsies!

Is having a foot fetish normal?

Foot fetishes are amongst the most common sexual fetishes, so not only is it quite normal, you’re in a lot of good company. As long as your love of feet is enhancing your sex life it’s all good. If you are at all concerned, then you should see a medical professional.

How can I please my partner’s foot fetish?

Ask them, that’s always the best. But maybe you can have them give you foot rubs or maybe they’d enjoy you rubbing your foot over their genitals or letting them suck your toes. There’s lots of foot fun to be had with a little imagination.

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