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Many sexual encounters involve semen to some degree, but there are plenty of folks who have a specific fetish for it - whether for swallowing it, being covered in it or having it inside them! There are a few sexual health precautions to take, of course (if one of you is capable of becoming pregnant and would rather not be, err on the side of caution with mitigating that risk; use barrier contraception where necessary to protect against STIs; you know the drill) but if you're with someone you know and trust and you're tested frequently there's no reason not to indulge in all the cumplay you might desire.

Do tight pants effect my sperm count?

Yes! Sperm need to be kept cooler than your main body temperature so wearing tight undies will keep your testicles warm and cut down the number of your active sperm.

I have a sperm fetish, is that weird?

No, there are many people who really love sperm. Some people call it a cum fetish or semen fetish but it is all the same, an intense sexual attraction to orgasmic male fluids. Revel in it, enjoy it but remember be safe and take relevant precautions to minimise the risk of STIs and pregnancy.

How do I tell my partner I have a sperm fetish?

Pick a good time for the conversation, when you are both relaxed, probably best when you’re not in the middle of something sexy. Explain honestly how you feel and what you enjoy and answer your partner’s questions in as much detail as possible. This way, hopefully, you can find common ground. Sperm fetish (cum fetish) isn’t that unusual.

How do I make my cum taste better?

There are various things you can eat to make your cum more palatable, the most well-known being pineapple but other things such as cinnamon, peppermint and celery can help. Also there are things to avoid, smoking, eating lots of meat and garlic or overindulging in alcohol makes your cum taste more bitter.

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    There's some debate over exactly what squirting is and who can do it, but it seems relatively clear that some women (probably about a third) can do something akin to ejaculation when they reach climax. Squirting is a fetish for some people, and almost anyone finds it to be quite an achievement when they make it happen! If you'd like to experiment a little and find out if you're in that third, don't put too much pressure on it. Just as with having an orgasm in the first place, you're more likely to experience female ejaculation if you're feeling relaxed and comfortable about the whole thing rather than trying hard to make it happen.
    Some vagina owners can ejaculate when they come. Just like male ejaculation it can vary in amount, power and consistency but unlike male ejaculate, the liquid originates from the skene’s glands that surround the urethra and of course, it doesn’t contain sperm. Many people don’t believe female ejaculation is a thing, but in studies between 10-54% of women say they have experienced it. It’s seen by some as controversial sexual act and has been banned from porn by the BBFC which has been strongly protested. After all it’s a natural sexual reaction for some people, so if you squirt enjoy it, it’s perfectly normal!
    By and large, the people on the recieving end of a blow job prefer their partner to swallow their semen. This isn't a universal truth, of course - pretty much nothing is! But it's a solid rule of thumb in almost all cases. Plenty of blow-job-givers love the act of swallowing as much as the other side of the equation enjoys watching it, and for some - particularly submissives in BDSM-style relationships it can be a fantasy and a huge turn-on. If your partner doesn't like the idea, though, you mustn't press the issue, there are loads of valid reasons not to want to swallow someone's ejaculate, and just not feeling into it is absolutely one of them! It's possible to learn how to enjoy it if it's something they'd like to be able to do, but there's absolutely no reason anybody should feel obliged to try if they're just not into it.