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Preferences regarding the testicles vary hugely amongst people who have them. Some find they need their balls stimulated in order to have a satisfying orgasm, while others can hardly bear to have them touched at all; it's worth experimenting to figure out what you like having done to your balls, or what your partners like if they're the ones who have them!

They can be extremely sensitive, so it's well worth being as gentle as possible to begin with. Some people, particularly masochists, can get a great deal of pleasure out of having quite a lot of pain inflicted on their balls - but this varies wildly by person, so make sure you start slow and don't rush into anything.

How weird is it to have a fetish for balls? 

Not weird at all. If you love balls then that’s great! Indulge your kink and have fun but remember consent is everything. Be sure your partner is okay with your attention to their balls.

Why do some guys like being kneed in the testicles?

There are lots of reasons most of which centre around a masochistic love of pain. They might enjoy humiliation too or just love the pain of it all. It’s an extreme practise so needs to be well researched before indulging but ball busting is something many people enjoy.

Is it safe to tie up testicles?

Bondage is often a part of CBT (cock and ball torture) and can be good fun if you follow a few essential safety rules. Make sure to check the circulation regularly. Release the testicles from bondage every 20-30 mins and if the person feels any numbness or their balls go white or blue, release them immediately. Always keep medical shears nearby in case quick release is needed.

One of my balls is bigger than the other, is that normal?

If you’ve always had one testicle larger than the other then yes, it’s totally normal. Lots of people have asymmetrical testicles. However, if you’re noticing one ball is bigger than the other when it hasn’t been before you should get yourself checked out by a doctor just to be safe!

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    Genital bondage provides unique and fascinating sensations, particularly for people with testicles and penises. Testicular bondage can be part of enforced chastity, an aspect of genital torture or simply a way to stimulate and include the testicles in your play. Some people find that testicular bondage helps them to control and enhance their orgasms, too. There are devices available designed specifically for this purpose, but it's entirely possible to simply use rope - though you need to be extremely careful not to cause damage! Do your research in advance and learn how to play safely, effectively and for the best sensations you can find.
    Fans of CBT (Cock & Ball Torture) have long enjoyed the pleasures offered by the humbler. Humblers are comprised of two long wooden or metal bars with a corresponding dip in each, and they're screwed together around the penis and testicles. This makes it easier to maintain an erection but harder to reach a climax, enabling the dominant partner to keep their submissive in an aroused state without letting them have the release or orgasm for an extended period of time. Some models are designed to give a weak electric shock at the press of a button for extra added fun!
    Genitorture is an aspect of pain play that focuses on the genitals. CBT - or 'cock and ball torture' - is probably the most widely discussed form of genital torture, but any and all genital configurations can be tortured. Popular options include zippers made from clothes pegs and string, clamps and clips, spanking and beatings or the use of candlewax. Safety is of course doubly important in this particular area. Genitals are delicate things, and need a little extra TLC. You can play safely by discussing boundaries in advance even more than usual, paying extra attention to the submissive's pain threshold. Make it clear that communication via a safeword is often expected in a scenario like this rather than some super serious worst-case-scenario.