Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love but what if you’ve got yourself a Kinky Valentine and you want to spice up your day? Or maybe you want to find someone to indulge in some sexy BDSM valentine play?  Make Valentine’s day fun and not a day to dread.’s very own Victoria Blisse brings you tips on how to make your Valentine's more about whips and chains than flowers and chocolates! 


Kinky Valentine Presents 

No one wants flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s day do they? Gifts from the heart are the best kind especially if they’re kinky! Here are some ideas bound to please. 

Day Collar - Not everyone can wear an actual collar all day every day. So buy your partner a necklace or even a bracelet or ring they can wear at non-kink events. It could be a choker style or a silver or gold chain with a stylised lock on it - whatever is symbolic to you.  The important thing is that when your partner wears this collar, they will know that they belong to you. 

Spanking implement - If you can afford it, you can treat your kinky Valentine to a beautiful handmade paddle or heavy leather floggers. If money is tight, then you could offer something you’ve made yourself. Wooden pegs make great nipple clamps, for example, decorate and varnish them for a personal touch. Hairbrushes are great kink gifts too. It looks quite sweet and vanilla until the back of the brush hits flesh then you realise what good implements they make!

Personalised Erotica - Write a story that will turn your partner on. It doesn’t need to be long or complex, but the fact you’ve taken time to write out a kinky fantasy for them will melt their heart. Print it out and decorate for extra romance points or text paragraphs to your lover throughout the day to keep them titillated ‘til they get home. 

Treat yourself - If you’re single this Valentine’s day, treat yourself to something sexy. Perhaps get a new vibrator or male masturbator or buy yourself something new in latex, lace or leather. After all, you’re worth it! 

Kinky valentines handcuffs
Whatever you end up doing, have a kinky valentine's!

BDSM Valentine's Dates 

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences. Grant your other half an experience they’ve always wanted. Maybe you could try needle play for the first time, creating a pretty heart on your lover’s back.

You could indulge in some Wet and Messy play. A sexy picnic IN bed eaten off each other could be fun! Strawberries, marshmallows, apples, bananas to dip in melted chocolate is a fantastic place to start. Feed each other and lick up any ‘accidental’ drips. 

Many venues across the UK hire out their dungeons for private sessions, there are even fetish hotels you could stay in overnight. Taking time to indulge in your favourite fetishes is the best way to a kinky Valentine’s day. 

And if you’re single, take yourself on a date. Go and get your nails done or get yourself waxed. Maybe you can watch your favourite sexy or kinky movie and take yourself to bed afterwards. Challenge yourself by trying a self-tie if you enjoy rope.  Use nipple clamps on yourself, or even try a little self-flagellation. Simply put, its impact play with yourself. Long floggers are especially good to use for this. Treat yourself to a BDSM Valentine’s; you don’t need a partner to do it for you. 


Kinky Valentine Events

There are lots of Valentine’s themed events going on around the country. Torture Garden has not one but two Valentine’s balls happening in London. There’s a St Valentine’s Day Massage event hosted by Cirque De Chaos at Xtasia in West Bromich.  These events are equally welcoming of singles and couples too. 

The First ever Smut Market is happening at Miss T’s in Stockport with an evening after party to try out any of the sexy kit you’ve bought from the traders during the day. So you can kill two birds with one stone. Buy a kinky gift and spend some quality time playing with it! 

Check out your local dungeon or BDSM club to see what events they’ve got going on -  it's a great way to meet new kinksters for play. 

Valentine’s Day might seem vanilla, but it’s a great excuse to kink up your life. There’s no need to do the same old same old when you could have a BDSM Valentine’s instead.  Whether you’re on your own or with a partner, you can enjoy a kinky Valentine’s. 

If you’re looking for your perfect kinky partner, sign up to now and find like-minded fetish friends near you. 

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