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Latex is a flexible, flattering and versatile material used in all kinds of ways in the kink community. It's great for costumes of all shapes and sizes, latex dresses and latex catsuits are popular examples, and it's also a fantastic material for all kinds of toys and bondage gear. Bear in mind though that it does need some looking after; you need to be careful to only use water-based lubricants with your latex gear, and to rub your latex clothes dry with talcum powder after wiping them clean with some slightly soapy water. Pretty much any item of clothing has a latex counterpart, from stockings to hair accessories, so with a little shopping around you're bound to find something that suits you.

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What is a latex fetish?

Latex is one of the more flexible materials used in S&M scenes. Many people find when they are wearing latex they gain self-confidence, which they have a protective ‘second skin’. Similar to the superheroes phenomenon of wearing masks - the anonymity allows for more freedom, which in itself can be very sexually arousing.

Other people with latex fetishes find the material accentuates and objectifies the body in a highly erotic way. A simple search on the internet with provide thousands of images of women in latex to prove the point.

For other fetishists, the feel is what does it for them. The closeness and sense of confinement can be a massive turn on for some people - which is why some people suck it up to the next level from a latex catsuit and go for an enclosed latex vacuum bed and bondage gear.

Often, latex fetishes can be used to emphasise D/s roles in a relationship. When one partner is looking and feeling super confident, it’s easier to be dominant and in control, whereas the opposite is also true. When a submissive or slave is enclosed in a latex catsuit or gimp suit and cannot move, then submission is the only possibility. Often this total submission can be used in a more intense form of humiliation and sensory deprivation practices.

Of course, everyone has their preferences, so if you find yourself drawn to this slick material, as always, have a chat with your partner(s) and see if they are happy to indulge in your latex fetish with you. If you find common ground in your practices, make sure, as always, to have a safe word in case the scene becomes too physically or psychologically intense.

Where to buy latex clothing

There's an astonishing amount of latex clothing suppliers online, where you can buy anything from latex dresses to latex catsuits to latex gimp masks and latex vacbeds. Most shops will have some kind of guarantee and will provide you with care instructions, but always be aware of quality.

Another great option is going to a fetish market or conference, where you can meet small businesses and talk with them. They can do fittings, make suggestions and take custom orders. Many latex fetishists end up making their gear at some point, so it’s good to swap tips about materials and assembly techniques.

Sex shops will usually have some latex clothing - but depending on the store; the quality can be rather poor. In general, it’s always best to go to a speciality BDSM shop that carries higher quality products. But if you’re new to latex and don’t want to spend tons of money on something you may end up not liking, regular sex shops are a good option.

Care for your latex clothing and gear

A few tips to keep your latex dresses, latex catsuits and latex gear in #kinktastic condition:

  • Heat melts latex. Keep away from extremely hot surfaces and flames.

  • Keep it dry. Water, humidity and bodily fluids will cause discolouration and rot. After play, make sure to wash/clean everything and dry it fully before storing it away. Latex is waterproof but also porous.

  • Store in a cool, dark, dry place. It’s best to have one garment per bag (air and light-proof if possible).

  • If your latex garments weigh a lot, don’t store them hanging as they can stretch and rip.

  • Sweat is salty and will damage your latex gear if not properly cleaned and dried after wearing.

  • Only go out at night! Ha, only a joke, but seriously, don’t leave your latex dress out in the sun for too long. Sunlight causes discolouration.

  • Oils not specifically labelled for use with latex will damage it, so don’t use them! Petroleum is also bad!

  • To keep it nice and shiny, use a silicone polish.

  • If you can, get chlorinated latex. It cuts down on the amount of care you must put into cleaning and storing your garments and gear.

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