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Wet look clothing is a staple of alternative scenes for a reason. It's versatile, and goes with a wide range of alt styles; goths, punks, hipsters and kinksters alike can all work wet-look material into their wardrobe without seeming out of place. It's relatively inexpensive but appears to be an outfit that has had some effort put into it, meaning that it's a great way to get the look you're after when you're on a budget.

Some fetishists like it for more reasons than simply those, of course! It's usually thin, smooth and form-fitting, meaning that it's a wonderful way to show off a figure or heighten the sensation of being touched.

 What is wet look clothing?

Wet look can be used to describe a kind of shiny material used in many fetish outfits that appears to be wet because of the high level of shininess. It can also be used in relation to people actually wearing wet clothes that then cling to their body.

What is wet look fabric made of?

It is a knit back fabric with a polyurethane coating that makes it highly shiny and also waterproof. Shined latex can also appear to give a wet look and is often included in the term.

Why is wet look clothing so connected with fetish?

For a start it’s a practical, waterproof material which makes it good for all kinds of fetish and sex play. It emphasises the person’s body underneath as it’s often quite skin tight. It’s something that you don’t see people wearing in the street very often and as part of the alternative clothing scene it’s become included in kink clothing too.

I’m turned on by people in clothes getting wet, is that normal?

It is a fairly common fetish, as clothes when wet cling to the frame of the person wearing them and sometimes they go see-through. It’s also something you’re not meant to do, so adds that frisson of naughtiness when it happens. Enjoy your kink but do so respectfully. Someone caught in a summer storm isn’t consenting to being part of your fetish, so don’t stare or make them uncomfortable.

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