Silk Fetish

For the feel of silky softness

For kinksters with a fetish for silk

For many people, sex is primarily about sensation - and BDSM is no different. While leather, PVC and latex are the most common material-based fetishes, there are plenty of room for others as well! Silk clothing is sometimes fetishised, partly for its smooth feel but also for the associations it brings with it.

There's something inherently decadent and luxurious about silk, which means it sets off the look and feel of many scenes beautifully. Clothing isn't the only way to use silk, of course! Silk restraints and silk bedsheets are also excellent ways to bring this unique sensation into your fetish play with ease.

What is silk fetish?

Silk is so soft and often used to make lingerie and this leads to some people developing asexual attraction to silky materials, They associate the texture with sexiness

How do I know if I have a silk fetish?

If the silky item itself turns you on more than the person wearing it, you likely have a fetish. If you prefer someone wearing silk over seeing them naked this can also be an indication that you have a fetish.

Should I tell my partner I have a silk fetish?

The decision is yours, but it’s always great to be totally honest in your relationships. If you decide to tell your partner, do so when you’re not indulging in sexy stuff and be sure to be very open to listening to what they have to say. Remember, it’s your fetish and you can’t make someone else have the same thing.

How can I combine my silk fetish with my love of BDSM?

There are lots of great ways to use silk in BDSM, you can blindfold someone with a silk tie or use silk ties to restrain someone. Also you can buy beautiful fetish outfits in silk.

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