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Leather it's a great material for making all kinds of kinky accouterments: it's used in leather wear such as collars, cuffs and corsets as well as in paddles and floggers and crops. For another, it's long been used as a material for all kinds of S&M and kinky clothing - for example the jockstrap,that's part of a longstanding and well-established kink subculture. Leather is used as the name of a subculture in its own right, one generally associated with kinky gay men. Leather 'families' are essentially poly groups containing people who are especially into leather; they're a longstanding tradition with many of their own rules and habits.

What is leather fetish?

Leather has a long association with fetish and many people find a sexual arousal from the scent and feel of leather on another person or themselves.

Where can you buy leather bondage and leather wear?

Fetish clothing and gear is easy to find online and on Fetish.com we have one of the fastest growing databases for BDSM and fetish shops and events! You can find leather wear and bondage in IRL at fetish events and markets. Generally the ‘good stuff’ will be made by hand from a hobbyist and fellow leather fetishist. They can be found at gay leather events and of course, by checking the forums and chat rooms.

Another place to find quality leather wear and gear is at an equestrian shop. You need to be a bit more subtle about what you’re going to be using it for, but if you’re looking for quality leather, this is another good option. Occasionally you can also find gear at pet shops or dog saloons. Again subtlety is key!

If you’re looking just for clothing, motorcycle shops are also a good alternative. They won’t have harnesses or anything like that, but for quality leather clothing that can take a beating and look cool this is a good choice.

DIY your kink. Leather is notoriously difficult to sew if you don’t know what you’re doing, so make sure you have the right equipment, do your research, chat with others, take some classes and make your own gear! This could also be a good project for a sub!

What are some different types of leather fetishes?

“I urge you all today, especially today during these times of chaos and war, to love yourself without reservations and to love each other without restraint. Unless you’re into leather.” – Margaret Cho

The gay scene has a huge leather fetish following, branching into different subgroups. At most gay events you’ll find leather wear. For example, there will often be quite a few leather harnesses and collars walking (or crawling) around. One of the oldest traditions in the gay scene being ‘old guard’. These highly regimented leather families have a long history but they aren’t stuck in the past. They have adapted into the new century and welcomed new fetishists of many varieties.

Bears are quite common in the gay scene and refer to bigger, hairier men as a sexual preference. The leather wear bears wear ranges from a simple harness to full motorcycle leather outfits.

Another common leather fetish is pet play. Frequently found in the gay leather scene as ‘pups’. Pups are usually submissive and exhibit this by wearing appropriate leather bondage, like a collar and leash or a pup mask and booties.

Pet play also has it’s hooves in equestrian play. This type of play reaches all corners of the sexual orientation spectrum in BDSM. It requires a bit more gear: a saddle, hooves, bridle, riding crops, and sometimes a carriage.

Is leather fetish just about clothing?

No, leather fetish can also include leather implements such as riding crops, floggers and paddles. Leather accessories such as jewellery and even leather seats in a car!

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