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Trying on a little sports gear fetish

Fetish clothing isn’t all PVC, Latex and leather. Sports gear has a following with people, often gay men, loving items of clothing usually reserved for the sports pitches and gyms of the world. Football shirts, tight baseball shorts, jock straps, American football cleats, wrestling and rugby gear – they’re all sexy as hell to a guy with a sports gear fetish. Lurid changing room fantasies that revolve around putting on tight sports gear or taking off the sweaty stuff are at the centre of this fetish. From tracksuits to tighty whities if sports gear gets you going then explore the world of sports gear fetish with is.

What is sports gear fetish?

Simply put, it is the attraction of seeing people, usually men, in sports uniforms. It can be football, boxing, wresting, Rugby, American Football, baseball, La Crosse….anything!

Is it still sports gear fetish if you only like one part of it?

Yes, as with many fetishes, some people like only certain aspects of the fetish where others enjoy a more general approach. It doesn’t matter if you’re only into one specific uniform or one specific article of clothing, it all counts as sports gear fetish.

I think I have a sports gear fetish, is that okay?

It’s perfectly okay. We all get turned on by different things, yours is just sports gear! Remember though, consent is key. It’s okay to admire a guy in his football kit but don’t push your fetish on him unless he’s into it too. There are special sports gear fetish nights you can go to and find others into your kink too.

I’m into sports gear, does that make me gay?

Not necessarily, no. You could be straight and just enjoy the look and/or feel of sports gear. It is up to you to decide your sexuality.

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