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Uniform play is a staple of the world of kink. There's something liberating about being able to take on a role and slip into a persona, particularly one that has been the subject of many of your fantasies. Police officers, schoolgirls and French maids are the staples of the genre - though there are, of course, hundreds of potential scenarios for you to explore!

Uniformed play often crosses over into other kinks and fetishes. Teacher/student might have a heavy element of caning, for example, while Nurse/patient often incorporates things generally associated with medical play. Whatever you're into, don't be afraid to experiment - exploration makes the world go round, after all.

 What is uniform fetish?

A uniform fetish is a clothing fetish where people are sexually aroused by seeing people wearing different uniforms.

Why do some people have uniform fetishes?

Reasons vary from person to person but uniforms portray a specific kind of person, so police and military uniforms show dominance, schoolgirl uniforms innocence and firefighters strength and caring. People can associate the uniforms with this kind of person and so just seeing the uniform is a turn on.

My partner wants me to dress in a uniform and role play, where do I start?

It’s easy to pick up a ready-made uniform online but many can be put together with items you already own. Then it’s just a case of finding out what your partner finds exciting about the particular uniform they love and then you can base your role play around that. Just play pretend, don’t worry if you say a few funny things, it’s good to laugh. You’re sure to settle into the character and have lots of sexy fun!

Where can I find someone with a uniform fetish?

You're in the right place! Find kinksters with a uniform fetish on Fetish.com. Check out profiles and personal ads for others who love uniforms and you can even start a post in the forum to find others and chat about what you love about uniforms.

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