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Steampunk has become a massive phenomenon in recent years. It influences fashion, books and movies. It's not something that is widely understood, past being all about cogs and brown clothing, but steampunk is a genre that imagines that the industrial age stopped at steam. It has been popular for a long time among science fiction fans and those who love things historical but with a twist. Convention and cosplay events are popular, and steampunk outfits have become a staple at fetish events, too. If you want to get inventive with cog-driven sex toys and fantasies, then steampunk is for you.

What is steampunk?

Steampunk imagines that technological advances all happened through stream power. It's based in Victorian England or Wild West America and originated in science fiction novels. Now it's far more widespread, and steampunk fashion is especially popular.

Is steampunk just about clothes?

It isn't just about fashion, steampunk fashion is one of the most identifiable parts of the steampunk movement. It's especially important in the fetish scene, where steampunk is seen on dress codes more often than not.

Is steampunk kinky?

Steampunk isn't kinky on its own, but as with many things, it has an erotic edge. First, the clothing can include lots of leather, silk and velvet, favourites of fetishists. There's a significant element of role play, and of course, any role play can be kinky or sexual if you want it to be!

Is steampunk expensive?

As with any hobby, this always depends on many factors. You can spend a small fortune on steampunk fashions and inventing steampunk machinery, or you can look for clothes in second-hand shops or make your own and keep your costs down. It's totally up to you and your budget.

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