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For centuries suits have been a sign of masculinity, wealth and power. The style changes, from tight jodhpurs and frilly, lace-edged shirts in one era to the sharp, straight-edged suits we know today. Worn by people of all genders, suits are symbols of power and are often worn to show superiority or dominance or to fit in with other powerful people. No wonder suits and all the accessories that can come with it are the focus of a fetish! Handkerchiefs, cufflinks and ties all play their part in suit fetish too. The whole package adds up to power-play fun and games for those with a suit fetish.

What is a suit fetish?

Lots of people find wearing suits pleasing or like the look of a person in a suit. However, if your attraction is dependent on the suit itself, then that is an indication you have a suit fetish. It might be for a specific kind of suit, or it might involve specific sexual acts in a suit, but if the suit is the central part of the sexual attraction, it’s a suit fetish!

Is a suit fetish just for men?

Not at all! Anyone of any gender can have suit fetish, wear a suit or enjoy seeing suits on other people. Suits are often associated with masculinity, but that doesn’t mean they are for men only.

Is it OK to get turned on by people in suits?

Yes, it is okay, even if it’s not within a fetish setting. It happens to everyone - that random shot of lust for a stranger. Of course, what isn’t okay is making someone the focus of your fetish without their knowledge. If you’re purposefully seeking someone out to get turned on then make sure you do it in a fetish-positive environment with the consent of the people involved.

Is it weird to have a suit fetish?

It might be considered weird but aren't we all a little bit strange? Normal is boring. And as long as you're having fun and enjoying yourself, then it's fine to have a suit fetish. If however, it causes you any distress, you should talk to a medical practitioner.

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