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While most bondage is focused on keeping a person in one place, there are a few methods designed to provide a sense of restriction without entirely keeping the wearer from moving around and using their body. Some shibari ties are designed to be worn under the clothes to this effect, but they're not you're only option - you also have the ballet boot and the hobble skirt. Hobble skirts are, essentially, extremely tight skirts. They're often made of rubber, leather or latex, and they're designed to greatly restrict the range of movement the wearer has in their legs without completely immoblising them as a straightjacket or something similar would. They're often seen paired with ballet boots, shibari ties and other bondage-focused clothing, and they're a common sight in fetish clubs and at kink parties.

 What is a hobble skirt?

A hobble skirt constricts the wearer so it is hard to walk. BDSM versions make it very pronounced that the person has to take tiny steps to walk. In the vanilla world, pencil skirts are a type of hobble skirt.

Why wear a hobble skirt?

The feeling of constriction is the main attraction of this kind of skirt. There can be added levels of fetishism added by the material used. So latex, rubber or leather for people who love those materials for example. This is a way to wear your love of bondage and is very popular at BDSM parties of all kinds.

Are hobble skirts used in play or just for fashion?

Play often starts before a scene, so wearing a hobble skirt could put the submissive into the right frame of mind to be restrained. It could be worn during play, to keep someone frustrated and unable to walk freely.

Where did the hobble skirt originate?

First popular in 1910-1915 the hobble skirt was worn as an expression of liberation by suffragettes and others working for equality. They were worn as an expression of how the women could overcome any restrictions.

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