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For all adult baby/diaper lovers

AB/DL stands for 'adult baby/diaper lover', and is distinct from other age play fetishes like daddy dom/little girl in several ways. While people who identify as littles often feel as though their 'little self' is an integral part of them, adult babies tend to have a clearer sense of engaging in a role play scenario. Diaper fetishes can also exist in isolation from baby play, and some find it difficult to achieve sexual satisfaction unless a diaper is involved, for example through diaper bondage. Baby play specifically addresses the natural need of all people to feel loved, protected and cared for - as well as giving its participants the chance to cut loose, relax and give up all their responsibilities for the length of a scene.

 What is diaper fetish?

A person who wears diapers for sexual pleasure, sometimes they do so at the behest of a dominant for humiliation purposes but often they just do it because they enjoy the feeling. This fetish often about age regression and not having any responsibilities.

Are all people who have a diaper fetish also adult babies?

No, some people just enjoy diapers as a clothing fetish, not all people who wear diapers do so because they’re also role playing an adult baby.

I have a diaper fetish, is that okay?

Yes, of course! If you’re enjoying yourself then it’s great. If you’re worried about your fetish, if it’s taking up too much time or you feel you think about it too much then you should talk to a medical professional about it.

How do I tell someone I have a diaper fetish?

It might be difficult to tell someone about your fetish but it is best to be totally truthful with anyone you’re that close to. Explain what you enjoy about it and answer any questions they have.

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