Need some fresh ideas to become the best DDlg caregiver ever? writer Princess E shows you 10 things daddy just adores.

There is nothing that makes a princess more happy than a Daddy that shows affection; all littles can agree to that, right? A Daddy/mommy should be firm and strict but also filled with love and playful. All littles want a playmate sometimes. Sadly not everyone has an actual little playmate to get together with. So Daddies and mommies, get on the floor, learn your little's toy’s names and play with her/him.

DDlg caregiver idea 1: tickling

He can start a tickle fight whenever. When we cuddle, in public or even during sex, it makes me giggle and feel special. It can make a grumpy face a happy face in seconds.

DDlg caregiver idea 2: snoofs

A snoof is when you smell the other person's cheek. Kinda like a bunny, like really sniffing. It is the best thing I know and makes cuddling even cuddlier.

DDlg caregiver idea 3: smooches

A smooch is kinda like a snoof but with light, soft kisses. The smooch and snoof can be combined for ultimate cuddle action.

DDlg caregiver idea 4: tit play

This might sound ordinary, but you can make it special so easily. Add sound effects, bury your head into them and sniff them. Make them dance to a song, yeah you get my point.

DDlg caregiver idea 5: make me nummies

My Daddy does it every morning. Scrambled eggs and bacon, made with love and affection. Then I am a good little princess and do the dishes afterwards. Give and take fellow kinksters, give and take.

DDlg caregiver idea 6: rewards with chocolate/Nutella

That makes every mad, grumpy or uppity little girl behave. If someone mentions Nutella, I become the sweetest little princess in the world. And it’s easier to do housework if I get a little something afterwards.

DDlg caregiver idea 7: read bedtime stories

It can be a made-up story or an actual book that he reads out loud to me. I don’t always fall asleep, but it sure makes bed time a lot more fun. And I hate bed time. I wanna stay up and cuddle with Daddy!

DDlg caregiver idea 8: holds my hand while I cross the road

It’s like I have a bodyguard. My own personal lifesaver. Good thing he's got my back and doesn't let me cross that scary road all by myself!

DDlg caregiver idea 9: carries my bags

I’m not a strong princess, to be honest, I am embarrassingly weak. Luckily my Daddy is a big, tall, strong Daddy who can carry a lot for me. I always offer my help. To show him my devotion but he carries it anyways. Sweet Daddy!

DDlg caregiver idea 10: picks me flowers

Sometimes my Daddy just picks me leaves, apples or other stuff he finds along the way. Although I throw them away quickly most of the time, I appreciate his concern and affection. He’s so sweet!

These things are simple and small but yet so helpful. They are ideal if you’re stuck in a place where you just don’t seem to get along with each other. Or things have gotten too boring, and you take each other for granted, take advice from this list of how to be a good DDlg caregiver. Or even better, write your own list!

Princess E is a Swedish freelance writer focusing the DDlg lifestyle. You can read more about her and the love of her life- Mr. B on her blog or @meandmrb1


What are some of your favourite things your Dom/me, Daddy/Mommy does? Share in the comments below or on the forum.


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Thanks for the tips. I'll try them - as soon as I find my Little Girl!

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It’s the little things that matter , a touch , a glance,  a smile 

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i loved it when Daddy would always stop and take my hand to cross the road. Made me feel protected. to be fair we pretty much always held hands, but if we weren't for some reason, he would never forget this.

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Aww I love this. I love all those little things that my daddy does. 

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