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Kissing seems like a big deal to us when we're teenagers, but as we grow older, it can start to lose a little of its mystique. It's a great shame because it's a wonderful way to build i...

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Sex in the Shower
Shower sex can be a lot of fun. It's sexy, sure, but it's also intimate; there's something lovely about being naked and relaxed with someone in such an everyday way. It's a great way to...

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There are two kinds of people: those who masturbate sometimes, and those who are lying about it. While this might not be strictly true (there's an exception to every rule, after all...

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The nipples are an erogenous zone for people with all kinds of bodies, and many find that they're uniquely sensitive to stimulation. People with breasts tend to find that their nipples ...

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Sensation comes in many forms, and for many people, there's something uniquely sensual about the feeling of licking or being licked. Obvious choices are of course the main erogenous zon...

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Foot Fetish
Foot fetishes are actually very common, and are amongst the most frequently mentioned fetishes in popular media. The feet are a body part sometimes associated with smell and unattractiv...

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Love Egg
Vibrators and other vibrating sex toys come in many shapes and sizes, but many fans of the love egg swear by their particular benefits. They're curved in a way that makes them an excell...

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Nipple Clamps
The nipples are a sensitive and erogenous zone, and nipple clamps are a standard part of many BDSM toy boxes. They can heighten sensations, add a whole new dimension to bondage and prov...

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Cock Ring
There are plenty of different ways to use a cock ring. Some people enjoy using them as part of bondage or orgasm control; a tight ring applied before the cock is erect can provide some ...

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Blood play is actually pretty standard on the fetish scene. For some people it's mostly about the sensation; they enjoy the sweet pain in the way that others might enjoy being spanked o...

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Genital Torture
Genitorture is an aspect of pain play that focuses on the genitals. CBT - or 'cock and ball torture' - is probably the most widely discussed form of genital torture, but any and all gen...

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Many people find that the sensation of having their ass or vagina completely filled and stretched out is a fantastic one. Fisting is pretty much what it sounds like: getting your entire...

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Orgasm Control
If you enjoy being controlled in other ways, there's a good chance that you'll enjoy climax control as well; having your partner take control of your orgasms. It's a deep, primal loss o...

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A switch is someone who practices BDSM from both sides of the whip: people who are both tops and bottoms, sadists and masochists, dominants and submissives. While some are 100% a switch...

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A sadist is someone who derives sexual pleasure from causing pain to their partners - and assuming that everything is consensual and has been negotiated in advance - they can be in high...

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Dirty Talk
Most people get turned on when they hear someone telling them about what they'd like to do to them later, though only if it's the right person and the right situation, of course! For ki...

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Gyno Fetish
Medplay is an incredibly common kink - and it has a few iterations and subcategories. For obvious reasons, anything specifically gynaecological is particularly popular. Speculums, stimu...

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The concept of the "perfect submissive" is, of course, fantasy and myth. Everyone has different interests, different fantasies and different preferences - and this is true on both sides...

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Pornography isn't always visual. For many people, the hottest porn of all is to be read rather than watched, and erotic fiction is huge business. There are plenty of publishers speciali...

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Sex Chat
Here at Fetish.com, we've written before about the joys of sexting and cyber sex. Done anonymously with strangers online, it can be a wonderful way of exploring your kinks and figuring ...

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Polyamory, which translated means 'many loves', is a kind of open relationship in which people have more than one partner at a time. For many, these relationships are serious and ongoin...

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Sex in the Water
So there are two main issues with sex in the water. One is that it tends to wash away a lot of the essential lubrication, meaning that things can get a little paradoxically dry down the...

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Outdoor Sex
Most people love a bit of outdoor fucking from time to time, but for some, it's a huge deal and a common feature in their fantasies. If this sounds like you, it's a good idea to pick yo...

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Sauna Sex
Saunas have long had a reputation for being a mainstay of gay sex clubs, but in recent years they've been branching out. Pretty much anyone can enjoy a little playing around in a straig...

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Perhaps the most fundamental part of any bondage kit, a rope is a vital addition to anyone's sex toy collection - and the more, the better. Good bondage rope is soft, strong, well seale...

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Bondage comes in many forms, and shackling is one of the most iconic. Metal shackles are attached to the walls of many dungeons, playrooms and party spaces--and they can take a bit of a...

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Many people enjoy the sensation of flagellation, and a lot of submissives will tell you that the flogger is their preferred method of impact play. They come in an enormous range of weig...

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There are thousands of ways to work masking into your kink. Gas masks, for example, are a relatively common fetish; the look and feel of wearing one is highly evocative, and they have a...

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Crossdressing has always been a part of the collective conscience, usually through the medium of the theatre - after all, Shakespeare's female parts were famously played by male actors....

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Rubber Fetish
Rubber is an incredibly common fetish, and the people who love it often love everything about it: the feel, the texture, the look, the effect. Some enthusiasts are never happier than wh...

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Traditionally, the term 'gay' refers to people who identify as men who date, sleep with and love only other people who also identify as men. Over the years, however, more and more peopl...

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Asexuals are perhaps the least understood or discussed of all sexualities. Asexuality refers to people who are, to a greater or lesser extent, not interested in having sex with other pe...

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Like all of the words people use to describe their identities, different people use the term 'lesbian' in different ways--but it's pretty much universal that lesbians identify as women,...

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Erotic Photography
No sooner does humanity make a new technological innovation than it starts trying to figure out how to use it for sex--and digital photography was no different. In this brave new world ...

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Stripping in the professional sense is a huge industry, but on a more personal level, the reality is quite different. Performing a striptease for your partner can be an intimate and sen...

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The definition of exhibitionism refers to putting one's genitals out on display in public. Plenty of people are turned on by the idea that they're being watched. But, if putting yoursel...