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'Crossdressing' is a slightly archaic term these days, though some people - usually those who identify definitively with one binary gender but enjoy wearing the clothes of and playing the role of the other for social, sexual, personal or performative purposes - find it one they identify with more than any other. Drag kings and queens are often thought of as crossdressers, as are transvestites - though be very careful when describing someone as a transvestite, as while some crossdressing people self-identify that way it has been used as a slur often enough that it's a word best avoided unless you know someone likes it.

What is crossdressing?

Dressing in the clothing commonly associated with the opposite sex, especially for sexual gratification. This can be done in private or can be more public, eg Drag kings and queens. So a guy dressed in traditionally feminine clothes or a woman dressed in traditionally male outfits would be crossdressing.

I like crossdressing does that make me gay?

Not necessarily, no. Some people just really like the feeling of wearing certain clothes such as lacy, or silky underwear or enjoy looking at themselves dressed as a woman if they’re a man. This doesn’t affect their sexuality at all. You can be straight and like dressing as the opposite gender. However, you identify is the thing that matters.

How do I tell my partner that I crossdress in secret?

It is always good to be honest with your partner, letting them know all about your wants and desires. Answer all your partner’s questions, be ready to accept they might be angry for a time, you have been keeping a big secret after all. It might be a difficult conversation to have, but it is never good to hide your real self from someone you love.

Are crossdressers transgender?

No. Transgender people dress in the clothes of the sex with which they identify. So they’re not really crossdressing at all, they’re expressing their true selves with the clothes they wear. That is very different to crossdressing, when the person is enjoying dressing as a different to the sex they really are. So a transgender person could crossdress if they wanted to, everyone can if they want to!

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