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Sexual role play is a staple of pornography, but all kinds of folks love it out here in the real world too. Plenty of people find that certain things are sexier in imagination than they are in reality; non-consent fantasies are a classic example of this. Other role play ideas are fantasies involving certain stereotyped roles (police officers, schoolgirls, hot mysterious strangers). With role playing games, or RPG, you can explore these things in safety and in comfort, alongside someone who in reality you already know and trust.

 What are the most common role play scenarios?

There are of course the traditional role play ideas that come to mind: student and teacher, nurse and doctor (plays well into medical fetishes) and celebrity fantasies. Some people like to use it in monogamous relationships to ‘spice things up’ by acting as if they are perfect strangers who meet at a bar then have wild passionate sex in the alley.

It depends on how intricate your ideas are as well. Some scenes are quite involved and require a lot of planning. You need to find the right role play toys, costumes and location. Perhaps the scene will last all weekend or only 30 minutes. It’s up to you.

Another popular fantasy is the torturer and prisoner or police officer and criminal. These can get pretty involved so make sure you plan the scene out and always have a safeword in case things get too emotionally or physically intense.

Some other common role play ideas include: housewife/man and repair person or the pool boy, boss and secretary (a fantastic BDSM film btw) or get a little historic with Cleopatra and Mark Antony or Lancelot and Guinevere.

Why roleplaying games are healthy for a relationship

Role play can be a safe and healthy way to express your desires in a relationship. It’s a wonderful way to get a discussion started about turn ons and to explore sexuality, especially if one or more people find it difficult to talk about these things.

In contrast, to actually acting out your desires, roleplay chat can be used as a safer outlet for those with more ‘impossible’ fantasies. Impossible meaning something that would cause immense bodily or psychological trauma and/or death to someone. In a chat room you can let your imagination loose, but same rules apply here. Everyone involved must discuss the scene before and consent to the actions, otherwise serious mental harm can occur.

As with all BDSM and kinky practices, it’s important to note that play can stop at any time, that this is a fantasy and doesn’t have to be real. Respect, communicate and explore, it’s about having fun!

Curious about trying role play?

What is role play to you? You need to define that first and foremost. Like anything else in the kinky and BDSM world, it all starts with communication and planning. Think about all of the things that you’re willing to try, that you have tried. What did you like? What did you hate? Think about how you can incorporate that into a kinky scene. There really are ‘no limits’ here!

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    Age play is increasingly popular in kink circles, and comes in many different forms. The best known is, paradoxically, probably also the rarest; while adult babies and people heavily invested in diaper play certainly do exist and have valid and varied sexual expression, roleplaying a generally childlike demeanour with an authoritative figure is far more common. 'Ageplay' is an umbrella term and it covers a wide variety of kinks and identities; anything that involves roleplaying an age difference between two partners comes under it, including dynamics where one person acts in a cutesy or youthful way without embodying any one specific age.
    Role play is a fun way to add a little spice to any relationship. You don’t need any special equipment all you need is your imagination and a couple of sexy roles to actually play. Handyman comes over to pretty girl’s house to fix something or other must be one of the most famous storylines in porn and it’s easy enough to replicate in real life. Wear overalls and carry a tool box or just improvise, there’s no one right way to play, just get handsy and have lots of fun fixing stuff that isn’t broken. No need to know your way round a u-bend for Handyman role play!
    Role play comes in many forms, and medical fetishes have long been a common part of the kink community. There's just something about the idea of being examined that appeals to people, not least because there's an inherent imbalance of power in such a situation that absolutely lends itself to a huge number of kinks and fetishes. Medical fetishes in general terms are actually very common, particularly ones that focus on the kind of anachronistic medical gear that was used to control patients much as bondage is used to control partners! Make sure you know what you're doing with the kit you play with, though, especially if it's sharp or could cause actual harm - some things are best left to real doctors, after all!