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Gender play is just what it sounds like, playing about with gender roles. It’s role play where the people involved take on a gender other than their own. So this could be a male dressing up as a female or a non-binary person dressing up as a guy for sexual play time. It can involve elements of dominance and humiliation, sissification and forced femme are 2 common types of gender play. However, these elements don’t have to be present, it’s simply about role playing another gender than your own for sexual pleasure. It’s something you do for a session now and then, just like any other role play but instead of dressing up as a plumber you dress up as the opposite sex.

What is gender play?

Gender play is a kind of role play where one person pretends to be a sex other than their own. So it could be a male pretending to be female or vice versa. It could also be a non-binary person pretending to be male or female too.

Is gender play the same as cross dressing?

It is, sort of. But whereas cross dressing can be something that is non-sexual, gender play is all about the sexual gratification that comes from it. Cross dressing can involve long periods of time dressed as the other gender, this kind of play tends to be for a specific, shorter, sex orientated scene.

What equipment do you need for gender play?

All you really need is some clothing that is appropriate for the gender you are roleplaying. This could simply be a pair of boxer shorts or pretty knickers and bra or you could go all out with full outfits such as dresses suits and accessories like makeup and wigs.

Is gender play all about humiliation?

Forced femme and sissification do have big elements of humiliation and are part of gender play. However, you don’t have to use these elements in your role play. You can do whatever you want to do. Just discuss your limits and desires before you get into character so all people involved know how the role play is going to go.

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