Puppy Play

Want to be a pet? Into puppy play?

All you need to know about puppy play, woof woof!

All kinds of sexual roleplay happen in vanilla, kink and fetish relationships. It's a staple of sexual play, taking on a different role for a while to get away from the day-to-day grind. Puppy play is a prevalent type of pet play, where one person takes on the personality of a puppy by dressing up or acting as a puppy would. It's a way to take and give care in a simplified manner, for example giving treats for good dogs and punishments for naughty ones. Puppy play can be a fun way to let your inner primal come out to play, too.

What is puppy play?

In puppy play, a person becomes their puppy-like persona, which can be as part of a scene with an owner or maybe with a group of other pups. It's a roleplay that lets the person get in touch with their primal self or as an owner, their dominant headspace.

Do you need special equipment for puppy play?

No, you don't. You can enjoy puppy play with no special equipment at all. Of course, as you get more into it, you might want to invest in things. A puppy hood, for example, or perhaps a collar. Maybe a latex bodysuit if you're into latex, too. Dog bows, leads and toys could be used - it's all up to you!

Can anyone be a human pup?

Yes, anyone can. There is a big community of human puppies (puppyhood) within the LGBTQI population so if you're looking for puppies of the same sexual orientation as yourself there are plenty out there for you to find!

Where can I learn about puppy play?

If you're looking to learn more about BDSM puppy play,  Take a look at 'Introduction to Pet Play' at the BDSM Training School from Fetish.com.

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