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Sex worker-client is a common fantasy for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. For some people, this fantasy is best lived out by hiring a sex worker and doing it for real - but for others, especially for those who like to imagine themselves as the sex worker but have no real-world interest in getting involved in the industry, role play is the right way to go. There are all manner of balance of power dynamics to explore, as well as plenty of dress-up opportunities and role play scenes! For many, the appeal is in the idea of anonymity or "seediness"; there are loads of ways to go with this, though, so discuss clearly with your partner in advance what you're interested in.

What is sex worker-client role play? 

Role play is pretending to be something you’re usually not. Sex worker-client role play can involve all kinds of paid for sex situations creating interesting power exchanges.

What equipment do you need for sex worker-client role play?

There isn’t really any need for special equipment, unless maybe you want to pretend to be something specific like a pole dancer or a stripper with props. What you will need is some money for the client to pay with, it is, after all the central pillar of this kind of scenario.

What do you say in sex worker-client role play?

It’s all about getting paid. So some conversation around what the client want should be followed up with an agreed price. Let your imagination take control. It is a good idea to agree beforehand what limits there are on the scene. Some people might really want humiliation and degradation play, others might not. Agree in advance so the scene is hot for all involved.

Can you do sex worker-client role play at home?

You might think this kind of role play needs to happen outside the home. It can, you could indulge in a hotel or in the back of a car but you can do it just as effectively at home, but you can do it just as effectively at home. If you want it to feel like a different place use a different colour bulb or maybe different bedding to make it feel like you’re not in your own bedroom.

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