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Female masking started in the 1980s when a man working on the batman films got inspired to make a female mask for himself. This started a movement of predominantly men who enjoy dressing up like female dolls. It can sometimes involve whole latex body suits including breast forms that turn a man into a feminine living doll. The person then takes on a completely different name and persona from when they’re dressed like they usually would. Do you enjoy female masking and being a living doll or want to know more? Check out our forums and chat with other kinksters into the same fetish as you.

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What is female masking?

Female masking is a fetish where men like to dress up as a living doll, the most integral part being the rubber or latex mask that makes them look like a female doll. Unlike any other kind of cross dressing or drag performance the aim of female masking is not to look realistically female. It’s all about looking like a doll. This can involve intricate costumes and bodysuits that are often made from latex.

Why do people enjoy female masking?

It depends on the individual as to what turns them on about it. It can be a submissive act, with a person enjoying someone else, often a femdom, directing them what to wear and what to do when dressed up. It can be because the man wants to feel more femínine but feel that they can’t express that as they are, so they dress up to do so. There are many reasons, just with all fetishes.

How do I meet other people into female masking?

Female maskers are generally secretive and tend to meet and interact online. Check out other people here on Fetish.com into female masking by adding it to your kink list or maybe post a question in the forum for other female maskers to respond to.

I love female masking, is that okay?

If you get some positive enjoyment from female masking and being a living doll then it’s all good. We all need ways to express different parts of our personalities and sexualities. However, if you have any worries or concerns about your female masking behaviour then you should seek medical help.

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