Fashion and fetish go hand-in-hand: whether your kink is rubber, latex or leather, a sexy outfit can make you feel amazing. And what you wear can also empower you as a dom or restrain you as a sub. So, from wet-look gloves to heels to hoods, here are's five fetish items you need right now...

Add a little fetish fashion to your wardrobe by choosing items that show off an underlying air of kink and identify your lifestyle and interests. Instead of hiding your gear away from the world, have the audacity to dress for your mood and enjoy how it feels. 

The most treasured items in your toy box may only come out occasionally, but less incendiary accessories can be worn with your normal wardrobe to provoke and please on a daily basis. 
Here are five fetish fashion items you need right now...

1. Slide on a pair of wet-look gloves

Throughout the ages, gloves have been worn as part of elaborate costumes. They’ve played a part in ritualistic events, signified affluence, and enabled the wearer’s skin to remain silky soft. 

Wet-look gloves can sit on the wrist, or rise up the elbow and shoulder. Like the sexiest BDSM lingerie, they add a sensual element to your movements and interaction with others.

The wet look will get you wet

Gloves are a barrier between the wearer and the person being touched, inhibiting and heightening each contact. The material dictates the sensation: wet-look gloves can be made from rubber, latex or patent leather and many fetish freaks get off on the creaking sound they make as well as the lubricated feel.

2. Look sharp in killer heels

Heels are a simple and fabulous way of adding sadomasochistic appeal to any leg or body shape; they accentuate your natural curves and encourage a striking silhouette.

They also thrust up your rear, but also maximise your chest. 

Your body is taut because it’s working harder to keep you balanced, creating a poised and potently kinky effect which cannot be achieved in flats.

Heels feel hella good!

Heels are one of the few pieces of fetish fashion that have a utilitarian purpose. As well as packing a highly erotic charge, they are practical enough for work and play. 

In the bedroom, stilettos are the skyscraper heel of choice for most couples. They restrict movement but also cause your muscles to tense up and make you taller. This can be extremely empowering and sensual for the wearer, but equally pleasurable for their partner.

3. Earn your collar with a sleek leather choker

Whether you chose one in matt or patent, a leather choker is likely to become a major part of your bondage lifestyle. 

Many subs are given collars as a gift from their dom.

It’s not just a symbol of ownership but a mark of the bond between them. 

As such, wearing a subtle collar as a day-to-day fetish fashion accessory can be an incredibly arousing experience.

Away from the S&M lifestyle, a leather choker is an attention-grabbing addition which elevates any outfit, giving your appearance a provocative and steamy edge. 


4. Become the sexecutioner in a stretchy latex hood

Hoods come in many forms and one of the most popular in the kinky community right now are wrester-style masks. 

Hoods have long been associated with gimps and subs, but mask maniacs can also feel dangerously powerful behind their disguise. 

With cutaway areas around the eyes and lips, you’ll look like a barbarically deranged hangman… what’s not to love?

Fashion and feeling sexy in it is an integral part of the fetish lover's life

Hoods can draw attention to the wearer’s mouth, cover it partially, or act like a gag. They can incorporate a theme, like Batman or Catwoman, or include an accessory. 

Better still, modern designs are made with your comfort in mind and are practical enough for all-nighters. 

5. Get ready for the rough stuff in a body harness

In the BDSM community, body harnesses are worn alone over naked flesh. In the straight world, these kinky leather numbers are strapped over dresses to cling to the wearer’s curves in a more modest way. 

They can push up or squeeze a woman’s chest, while framing and skimming her body.

Jewellery is also available that mimics the shape of a body harness, framing the chest and resting on the hips. It can be worn under or over clothing.

Men’s harnesses often come in stretchy materials like latex, making them appear athletic as well as erotic. They can be more masculine in structure, featuring downward pointing accents like those on a superheroes costume, ideal for combining your workout with your bondage lifestyle.

From the high-end S&M aesthetics of Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier, to the latest TopShop and Urban Outfitter offerings, bondage apparel has truly entered the style lexicon.

Wearing less extreme BDSM clothing in public is no longer the taboo it once was and fetish fashion is easily accessible on the high street. So whether you’re a rubber clubber or a spike-heel worshipper, there’s nothing stopping you from shopping the look.

What fetish fashion item do you wear to get you feeling sexy? And just how important is fashion when it comes to fetish? Tell us your thoughts below. If you're not already a member of, why not? Sign up below for free BDSM dating, Forum chat, and all the latest fetish news and gossip from our sex positive, kinky community.

Photos: aleciccotelli / Dollar Photo Club and Yeko Photo Studio / Dollar Photo Club



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