Glove Fetish

Into glove fetish? Leather or latex?

Slip into your glove fetish, finger by finger

Gloves can be practical and elegant; they can be long or short, made of latex, silk, leather or other materials. Gloves are something we often take for granted. They're there for when we need to wash the dishes or keep our hands warm in winter. Some people, however, find gloves far more fascinating. A glove fetish might be for a specific kind of glove or one of a particular length. There are lots of variation within this fetish, but the link is that gloves get that person hot either by wearing them or seeing someone else wearing them.

What is a glove fetish?  

A person with a glove fetish finds gloves sexually arousing. It could be a specific kind of glove, latex or leather for example or it could be more about the act of putting them on or taking them off. A glove fetish could be connected to being touched by someone wearing gloves or putting them on yourself. But a glove fetish is always centred on the gloves.

What is glove worship?

Glove worship is a submissive act that focuses on the Dominate partner and their gloves. It doesn't have to be, but can be part of a BDSM scene. It could involve kissing a gloved hand, putting gloves on for a Dominant partner or licking and sucking at their gloved fingers. It's a way of showing appreciation for the gloves and the one wearing them.

Glove fetish: is it weird?

It all depends on your view of 'normal'. At, we embrace our fetishes and believe that they're all okay. Having a glove fetish might be relatively rare and unusual, but if you enjoy it and it enhances your sex life, then it's all good. If you ever feel your fetish negatively affects your day to day life, then you should seek help from a medical professional.

Does anyone else have a glove fetish?

Having a glove fetish is not as rare as you might think! There are many different types of glove fetish, from those focused on the medical, such as latex gloves to those who love leather gloves or long, silk gloves. There are lots of glove fetishists out there, join with others at by adding glove fetish to your list!

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