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Quirofilia - the official name for a hand fetish

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There's a lot of talk about different erogenous zones - but that doesn't mean you should leave out the hardier parts of your physique entirely! Your hands do a great deal of work for you, and the bedroom is no exception. They're your primary tools for masturbation, for manually stimulating your partners and for getting to know a body intimately well - yours or someone else's. Look after them and learn how to use them well, and they will serve you beautifully. Some people also have a kink for other people's hands, of course - the hands can tell you a lot about someone's personality, and there's something extremely erotic about watching someone you're attracted to working with theirs.

Hand fetish: is it normal?

If you think it is, then it is. If you’re having fun and enjoying your kinky hand encounters then it’s all fine. If your fetish worries you then get in touch with a medical professional.

What causes a hand fetish?

There is no known reason for having this fetish. It can come from a preference for a certain physical feature or it may be that you learn to love hands because they’re connected to practises that turn you on like smothering or choking. It doesn't really matter, as long as you're enjoying your fetish, you don't really need to know why you have it. Just have fun!

Do men have a hand fetish or is it just women?

Anyone can have one. Some people love nails, others love palms. Some love rough, gnarly hands others love soft, manicured hands. It just comes down to personal preference.

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