Nosebleed Fetish

Turned on by nosebleeds?

Do nosebleeds flood you with excitement?

On first thought, nosebleeds aren't particularly sexy, but you can say that about many things. Nosebleeds might be a nuisance for some, but for others, they're a real turn on. There is symbolism In Japanese Mangawhen characters get sexually aroused they get nosebleeds and is based on the fact that arousal raises blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause nosebleeds, even though sexual arousal has been proven not to cause nosebleeds at all. There is power (and vulnerability) in having and causing a nosebleed, so maybe it's easier to see that nosebleeds can be sexy than we first thought.

What is nosebleed fetish?

 What is nosebleed fetish? A person with a nosebleed fetish is turned on by either having a nosebleed themselves or seeing other people with them. Sometimes both. The technical name is epistaxiophilia.

Is nosebleed fetish safe?

Anything to do with blood is counted as edgeplay because there are risks associated with touching or consuming another person's blood. If you're going to involve others in your fetish, be sure you trust them and know their health status before you play. Also, cutting yourself to get a nosebleed is risky, and we would advise against this, especially as it can be seen as self-harm. Be sure you think any play through and if you're worried at all contact a medical professional. If you want to play with less risk, think about roleplay with fake blood replacements that can be smeared under the nose to give a nosebleed appearance.

My partner has a nosebleed fetish, how do I deal with that?

Talk to your partner about their fetish. Just because they are into nosebleeds, it doesn't mean you have to be. If you're not comfortable with it, let your partner know. It is best to be honest and upfront with how you feel. If you're interested in helping them with their fetish but a little hesitant, you can maybe talk about role play, using fake blood, ketchup etc. to imitate a real nosebleed.

Is it normal to have a nosebleed fetish?

It might not be a fetish everyone has, but it's totally fine to have a nosebleed fetish. As long as you enjoy it using Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) principles then it's all good, have fun. If you're ever worried about your fetish, maybe you feel you think about it too much or are engaging in unsafe behaviour because of it, speak to a medical professional.

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