Pee Desperation

Holding it in before letting go

All you need to know about pee desperation

Watersports in general are a popular fetish but generally they revolve around people letting their pee go. Pee desperation is exactly the opposite. It’s all about being made to not use the toilet.

We’ve all been there, desperate to go but unable to for varied reasons. Maybe someone is in there already, you’ve been caught short out and about without a bathroom nearby or you’re trying to find a polite way to excuse yourself from a long conversation so you can go.

It’s an overwhelming desire that takes leg crossing, body jigging and some great strength of mind to achieve. If this idea sexually arouses you, then you might just have a pee desperation fetish.

What is pee desperation fetish? 

Pee desperation fetish is a kind of urolagnia, a sexual arousal connected with urination. Unlike other watersports, pee desperation is more about holding the urine in than actually peeing. Although sometimes a person wetting themselves is part of the fetish. It can be connected with other fetishes for latex, leather or lace for example or can be part of an ABDL fetish too. It is very popular in Japan and is known as omorashi.

Is it pee desperation if you want to see others desperate to pee?

Yes, pee desperation can be a turn on for the person who really needs to wee but it can also be a turn on for a person watching the signs of a person who is caught short. Similar to BDSM dynamics, there will often be a power dynamic between the person desperate to pee and the Master/Mistress or Dominant who is making them hold it in. This can extend to things such as timetabled bathroom breaks or having to ask for permission to go to the toilet.

Why do I have a pee desperation fetish? I

It’s impossible for someone else to say exactly why you have a pee desperation fetish. It is thought to be connected with experiences when growing up that connect the desperate need to go to the toilet (or watching someone else in desperation) with sexual arousal. However, it can be something that develops later in life or could connect in with existing fetishes such as BDSM and watersports.

Is it okay to have a pee desperation fetish?

Of course it’s okay! As long as you don’t feel like it’s a problem, then it isn’t a problem. If you feel ashamed or you feel like it’s taking over your life, it is recommended to see a medical professional to help you out. However, if it’s a positive thing in your sex life, keep holding that pee in! If your fetish is to watch others desperate to pee, just be aware of consent. Of course, there may be times you see someone jigging around needing the loo and you might get aroused. That’s okay but don’t put your fetish onto someone else without their permission. Consent is always key.

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