Into getting wet and messy?

Make a splash with sploshing

It's good to get messy. Especially wet and messy. Do you love jumping in puddles and playing with your food? Then sploshing is just the fetish for you. A fetish for the sensation of different substances on the skin, sploshing is also known as Wet and Messy Play. It can involve foods, gunge, mud, anything that is slick on the skin. It can be a way to rebel, to reject being a responsible adult for a while, and it can simply be a way to enjoy unusual sensations on your skin. You need to be ready for the cleanup, it's not called wet and messy for no reason!

What is sploshing?

Sploshing, or wet and messy play, is a sensation fetish. It involves having oily substances such as food and gunge put over your skin. The substances can be poured on or rubbed into the skin, or you can sit in a vessel containing the gloopy mix. Whatever floats your boat!

What foods can I use for sploshing?

Pretty much anything you like. Of course, you don't want anything too hot; you don't want to burn the skin. You also might want to be careful with anything containing seeds, strawberries, for example, as they can be irritating if they get lodged in places they shouldn't be.

Do you have a sploshing fetish?

It's not hard to tell if you have a sploshing fetish. You will enjoy being messy or watching someone else getting messy. You might incorporate things such as whipped cream and chocolate sauce into sex, or you might find it sexy when someone drips food down their cleavage. If you're into getting wet and messy, it's incredible! Just be sure to clean up thoroughly after yourself.

Is sploshing safe?

Sploshing is safe, but you do want to take some precautions. Sugar feeds yeast, so you don't want to put anything sugary down near your genitals. If you are planning to surprise your partner by choosing the substance they'll be covered with, be very aware of allergies. And make sure your eyes are covered if anything is going on your face. Googles are the best precaution, but keeping your eyes closed is an option too.

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