Tongue, nipple or face piercing?

For all piercing fetishists

Piercings are a common feature of many looks and subcultures--but they're also a kink in their own right. Play piercing is a reasonably common fetish, generally involving the creation of temporary piercings in various sensitive locations on the body. It's important to make sure you're safe if you indulge in this kind of play; learn how to use the equipment properly before you begin, keep everything as sterile as you can, care for the punctures adequately as they heal and don't try to obtain a permanent piercing using this method. Otherwise, you could experiment with incorporating professional piercings with your kink; genital piercings and tongue piercings are particularly good for this, and can create some fascinating sensations!

What is play piercing?

Also known as needle play, play piercing is any needle insertion which is done for the sensation and is only temporary. It can produce euphoric feelings for the person being pierced. Sometimes the piercings are made to look pretty, other times it’s just to feel good.

Does a tongue piercing improve your blow job technique?

If you’re thinking of getting a tongue piercing just to give better blow jobs, it probably isn’t worth it as it makes only a little difference to technique, a lot of the attractiveness of it is in how it looks. If you have one though, use it to your advantage and tickle his fancy in new ways!

Is going down on a girl better with a tongue piercing?

A tongue piercing can stimulate the clit and vulva during oral sex in a way that adds to the motion of the person’s tongue on its own. It is not going to make you awesome at cunnilingus but will help you tickle that clit in new ways. Think about other issues such as eating and the healing time involved when making your decision, don’t just do it for the sexual enhancement.

Do nipple piercings make sex better?

Nipple piercings stimulate nerves below the surface of the skin so can add a whole other layer of sensation to any nipple play. They also make the person wearing them feel sexy and that is very powerful too.

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    I’m going to try and give as much information as I can in this post

    Male dom here looking for a sub to work on a relationship that will become TPE. I have been experimenting over the past 3 years learning what I like and don’t like. Trying new kinks and learning about a whole new world that I didn’t know about. I’ve had some very fun times and fun partners that I’ve been able to experiment with and let my dominant side come out.

    At the beginning of the year I started a new dynamic with some one online that I had never done before. We started off talking as normal and then she said she wanted to do TPE. This was new for me but I was very interested. For the first couple of weeks we just spent the time getting to know each other and building up a trust. We set up boundaries in the beginning and said we won’t jump right into this. We agreed I’ll slowly get control of things one by one. I ended up getting control over 3 things in her life before we had to call it off. Personal reasons that both us of had no control over.

    Now I have got a taste of that kind of relationship,I don’t think I want anything else. I’m looking to try and build this type of relationship/lifestyle again.

    What I’m looking for is some one who is committed and really wants the same as me. I know it’s a massive ask for some one to give up all control but with a lot work from both side we could make something amazing. A massive kink and love of mine is being given power. I loved having that control over some one but I also want to be able to help someone. Let me help you become a better version of your self

    About me: im 26 years old. Im 5’7 with brown hair and a ginger beard. I have 9 tattoos that are placed all over my body,some of them are big pieces. I have a couple of piercings as well. I would say im a slim toned build.

    Sfw side: once comfortable I have a really dark sense of humour. I use to be a big party guy but since getting my own place a couple of years ago I have become a bit of an introvert. I enjoy nights in over nights out, doesn’t mean I don’t go out anymore though. I use to be very big into working out but had a break over the last year. Just getting into boxing training which I’m falling in love with. One thing you should know about me is I don’t ever see kids being in my future. I came to this decision a long time ago and my mind won’t change on that.I want to put my time and effort into other things in my life

    NSFW side: I like impact play, breath play, restrains, cnc, fisting. Eating arse, I’m also a pleasure dom,I love giving. I have been getting more into bdsm. I have made my own Czech glory hole that you can be strapped into. I’m wanting to getting into rope classes as well so I can learn to do shibari properly. I’m definitely a bit sadistic so hopefully you are some one who is good with pain

    I’m happy with talking online for a bit but I’m not looking for another online relationship . I want to be able to meet up in person and build a proper relationship

    It’s ok with me if you have experience or not. This is something we will build together and experiment with so as long as you are open and willing to try then we can make this work. If you have experience in any of it then that’s great

    Thanks for reading this long post. Fingers crossed I find the person im looking for

    BDSM Play Partner18 to 50 years ● 25km around UK, Kettering one week ago

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    Tattoos and piercings are the first things that spring to mind when most people think about body modification, but there are other forms as well. Branding, scarification, tightlacing and even (for some people) weight loss or gain are all essentially body mods. Permanent or long-term semi-permanent alterations people make to their physical bodies to better express on the outside who they feel like on the inside. Occasionally it can be rooted in low self-esteem or self-harming behaviours, but for most people who are passionate about body mods, it's more like a form of artistic expression - something to be indulged, enjoyed and explored.
    Tattoos are great, and they're increasingly common - but how do they relate to BDSM, kink and fetish? For some people, heavily tattooed partners are a turn-on in and of themselves. For others, getting a tattoo can be an erotic act - this is particularly true of some submissive people. There are also those who choose their tattoos as part of or to represent their kink; O-rings and handcuffs are common, as are certain words and names or perhaps a number from the online Slave Register. In whatever way your tattoos interact with your kink, make sure you don't rush into anything. It will be with you for life, so it's a good idea to make sure that the tattoo design it represents is too!
    Genital piercings are increasingly common. People with penises can have what is often known as a Prince Albert piercing, which goes through the urethra; those with vaginas can have a clitoral piercing (though this is not at all recommended), a clitoral hood, or vch piercing (which is much better in all kinds of ways) or an array of piercings on the outer labia. Kinksters with multiple labial piercings sometimes lace them up together, as an aesthetic choice or as part of a BDSM relationship. Whichever genital piercing you go for, it's important that you keep your new holes as clean as possible - and that you don't put too much strain on them once they're healed!