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If you love summer not only for the sunshine and long days, but for the prevalence of crop tops and bikinis - then you might just have a belly button fetish. It’s more than a simple appreciation for the dip or bump in the centre of the stomach where the umbilical cord was attached until removed at birth. Belly buttons are an erogenous zone, often under appreciated and missed out, but just looking at them gets some people going. If you go wild for belly buttons, join other belly button lovers here and share your appreciation with others who get the sexual appeal of a cute belly button.

What is belly button fetish?

When a person has a sexual attraction to just the belly button in isolation this is known as a belly button fetish. There are many people into belly buttons (outties as well as innies!) and their appreciation takes many forms, from simply observing an exposed belly button to belly button torture.

Is it weird to have a belly button fetish?

We all have different things that turn us on, just take a look at the list of kinks and fetishes here! Fetishes are often seen as weird and not normal but the truth of the matter is that fetishes are very common. If you have a fetish for belly buttons then that is totally okay. However, if you feel like your fetish is causing you problems then it’s time to see a medical professional. A fetish should make you and others feel good, when it doesn’t, then that behaviour needs further professional scrutiny.

What’s so sexy about belly buttons?

Belly buttons are an erogenous zone so when they’re touched it can feel quite pleasant. Often the skin is quite ticklish in this part of the body and some people find that sexy in itself. Not just that though, the belly button, especially on femme presenting people is often kept hidden under clothes. So when it is revealed, under crop tops for example, it can pack an erotic punch!

Is belly button fetish the same as stomach fetish?

Some people might have a fetish for both but they are separate fetishes in themselves. A belly button fetish is very focused on the belly button itself, and not necessarily the rest of the stomach. Looking for someone to share your belly button fetish? Look no further than!

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